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InventoryKeeper [1.7.10-1.17]

Submitted by Toxicboyow, , Thread ID: 222466

20-10-2021, 11:58 AM
Do you feel that the vanilla drop is too difficult while keepInventory enabled is too simple and lose balance?
Then this plugin is very suitable for you.

How does it works?
This plugin provided specific items (virtual or physical item) or permission to restore players' inventory and exp. When player dies, the matched item with highest priority will be consumed to restore player's inventory.

Only works when gamerule keepInventory set to false.

Allow to set disabled worlds
Allow to set loss ratio of exp.
Allow to use random system.
Allow to clear cursed item.
Allow to run commands on death and respawn.
Command TAB auto-complete.
Custom skull texture support.
Custom model data support.
Custom death types support.
Virtual/Physical item & permission support.
PlaceholderAPI support.
Multiple items support.
Hex colors support. (Add hex code to messages directly. eg:#FFFFFF)
Make hunger level / saturation level customizable.
Freely filter entity type and custom name.
Fully customizable.
Simple to use.
1.7-1.17 Support.

Commands & Permissions:

Admin commands:
/invkeep - Main command

/invkeep get <v/p> <item-name> [amount] - Get the specific item.

/invkeep give <v/p> <item-name> <player> [amount] - Give the item to a specific player.
(v -> Virtual item p->Physical item)

/invkeep take <player> <item-name> [amount ] - Take the virtual item from a player

/invkeep set <player> <item-name> [amount] - Set the amount of the virtual item of a player

/invkeep check [player] - Check the amount of virtual items

/invkeep reload - Reload config.

Permission: inventorykeeper.admin
Default OP has access to these commands.

Player commands:
/invkeep check [player] - Allow players to check the amount of virtual item.

inventorykeeper.check - Allow to use /invkeep check (Default)
inventorykeeper.check.others - Allow to check the amount of other players.

inventorykeeper.unlimited.<Item Name> - Player with the permission can restore their inventory while the item (physical/virtual) will not be consumed, which means this player has unlimited quantity of the item. (Default:OP)

Note: Permission inventorykeeper.keep has been abandoned, use the new one instead.

Download : https://anonfiles.com/15k1e8P8u6/Invento...-2.0.1_jar

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