Jens Color Me Beautiful: Lightroom Brushes
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Jens Color Me Beautiful: Lightroom Brushes
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One of our most innovative products yet has arrived. Color Me Beautiful is an easy and amazing way to edit your images to create a lasting impression for your clients. Give your clients flawless skin, bright eyes, healthy-shinny hair, a perfect white smile and a complete transformation with these 20 Lightroom brushes. The great thing about these brushes is that you can adjust the intensity by changing the density in the brush menu in Lightroom to your liking. Create dramatic changes or simple fixes with a few clicks of your mouse. Call this this Intuition for Lightroom! Scroll down for video. Color Me Beautiful has many options to choose from? To give a healthy, straight-from-the-salon fresh look: Blonde Boost (lightens and highlights) Brilliant Brunette (adds color and texture) Radiant Redhead (boosts the vibrance) Highlights (add highlights to any hair) Lowlights (tone the hair down a bit) For that flawless, magazine-cover look: Concealer (removes shadows and flaws) Wrinkle Smoother (softens wrinkles and lines) Foundation (completely flawless skin) Blush (a touch of peach) Tanner (adjust the density to get perfect results) Natural Glow (a healthy, lightly sun-kissed look) Perfect Makeup: Eyeliner (emphasis the eyes) Eye Shadow (create or modify eye shadow) Eyebrow Filler (fills and blends) Mascara (create long, luscious lashes) Lipstick (a smoother and a color booster) Perfect Smile (brightens and whitens) And for gorgeous eyes: Bright Blue Eyes Bright Brown Eyes Bright Green Eyes (all brighten and contrast the colors differently) These Lightroom brushes will amaze you in the quality of editing they?re capable of. So get the power to create breath-taking images in minutes with Color Me Beautiful! Instructions on how to load these brushes into Lightroom are also included! Lightroom is required for this pack.


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