Jens Fab Obsession: Body Sculpt

by graphicx - 02-07-2015, 02:10 AM
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Posted: 02-07-2015, 02:10 AM
[Image: 73gsue.jpg]

Why retouch the difficult way? Spending hours retouching one image will only wear a person down.

Obsession is the top seller of all JF products to date! The team at JensFab took the difficult retouching and brought you this new innovating body sculpting retouching action collection.

Introducing today's top-of-the-line professional body sculpting actions: Obsession!

Obsession: Body Sculpt is powerful collection of resources used by top professionals in the photography industry including Jen Hillenga. Body Sculpt actions accelerate the complicated, confusing parts of retouching! These "body sculpting" actions are designed to increase your workflow time-frame and give you new possibilities in retouching.

Obsession is the recognizable leader in retouching actions. It differs from a normal action set because Obsession allows you to edit a portion of your image separately from the rest. Non destructive retouching has been a top-secret of the industry professionals for years. Each action preserves the original image and allows you to define the effect as needed.

Pre-released buyers have raved that Body Sculpt gives you the ability to customize images. The highly anticipated Obsession: Body Sculpt is a powerful action set to stand out from the rest. A simple applicator enables one click editing; saving time and workflow steps.

Obsession: Body Sculpt collection includes:

* Anti-Cankle
* Bosom Booster
* Bubble Butt
* Contus-Off
* Heal The Burn
* Make Me Smooth
* Perfect Pores
* Palm Beached
* Proof-Be-Gone
* Shake Weight
* Simplify Cellulite
* Tanline Eliminator
* Thigh Master
* Tighten Up
* Wonder Bra-less

Obsession: Body Sculpt is one of the most anticipated action sets and is expected to be the talk-of-the-town in the photography industry. Those high-end and complicated retouching techniques are now yours at the click of a mouse!

From beginner to advanced editor, this collection is a must have!

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