ez Job Creater [UPDATE 2018]

by FabianLeaker - 24-09-2018, 09:19 AM
Mar 2018
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Posted: 24-09-2018, 09:19 AM (This post was last modified: 24-09-2018, 09:20 AM by FabianLeaker.)
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Adding jobs is complicated, boring and slow ? Now with this addon it's just boring ! And now you can let your admins do the boring work !
Adding jobs is complicated, boring and slow ? Now with this addon it's just boring !
And now you can let your admins do the boring work !

Server owner ? Admins want to add jobs but you won't let them get the FTP access ? This addon is for you, it does not require any FTP access.
Youtube video vvv
[Image: AqdEGzm.png]
Youtube video ^^^
[Image: gyO07pu.png] No knowledge about Lua required (But you can code in lua, you can still use the ezCompiler in game for the custom check)
[Image: gyO07pu.png] No FTP access required to edit/add jobs, everything is done ingame and applied at the map change/server restart
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Now Supports job levels, armor and health !.
[Image: gyO07pu.png] ezGuide will tell you the potentials errors you did while creating a job and explain you how to fix it.
[Image: gyO07pu.png] ezCompiler will not let you send incorrect Lua to your server if you choosed to add lua in the optional fields.
[Image: gyO07pu.png] ezJobs creator will search for playermodels not added to gmod using Lua, and will not slow down your server
[Image: gyO07pu.png] ezJobs creator allow multiple people to work on jobs at the same time, and changes will be applied only at the server restart, so the player's experience can't be annoyed by a configuration mistake.
[Image: gyO07pu.png] NEW export to lua format is now available, it creates a file called exported_ezjobs.txt in /data/ on your server
Be sure you have the last version of DarkRP and a decent monitor resolution,
Installation / how to use it
Be sure you're using the last darkrp github version
I : Drop the folder ezjobs in the addon folder
II : If you want to allow peoples others than superadmin to edit jobs, edit the function in

To use it just type this command in your console

If you don't have the rights to use it, it will autoclose.
I can't …
ezjobs can export the jobs you created as lua format, it's generated at each server start and it's in data/exported_ezjobs.txt delete ezjobs (after you made the jobs) and put it in jobs.lua
You are NOT required to do this but because of a lot of reasons like the fact i can't add 99999 features to the addon and the darkrp loading order system sucks, it's better to export the code and then edit it.
How to replace default jobs
go in darkrpmodification/lua/darkrpconfig/disableddefaults.lua
you should have this somewhere :
[Image: 4XXIB41.png]
Turn everything from false to true.
be sure you're using the very last version of the darkrp
If you want to recreate the same jobs, here are the keycodes : DarkRP/gamemode/config/jobrelated.lua
But don't use the same command as the originals because it won't work.
Also you may need to define which jobs are in the police and the default job.
Using this part of code

   GAMEMODE.CivilProtection = {
       [TEAM_SUPERMAN] = true,
       [TEAM_JESUS] = true,
       [TEAM_POTATO] = true,

Since there may be in it jobs created with ezjobs,
you need to put the code i just showed you in there ->


[Image: ebd13355fe.png]
Just replace the vars with the one you created … or the ones you will create.
If you want to create shipments/weapons for ezjobs jobs, put the code at the same place.
you should have something like :
[Image: ObUYGb3.png]
How to use customcheck
in the customcheck field, the player var is "ply"
you can do something like
    return table.HasValue({"superadmin","admin", "vip", "vip+"}, ply:GetNWString("usergroup"))

How to make it owner only
[Image: ew5e5jQ.gif]
Help i can't use the job i created
let me guess … you didn't set a correct limit
So i can just drop it into the addon folder and it will do the job ?
How to use it ?
Watch the video
Can you add X feature ?
~~Open a ticket, just to be sure i don't forget what you sent me.~~
This is not steam early access.
Can you fix X bug ?
Sure, just make a ticket, tell me how to reproduce the bug and it will be fixed.
I added a job but it's not showing, wtf
It will show at the next restart
I'm always happy to help my customers, on my first addon, 100% satisfaction is my target, on my first addon i added features, and i will do the same there, if requested.
I only help people who use the ticket system, don't add me on steam; and if it's required I will add you on steam.
Other things
I said it before in the description, only the last version of the DarkRP is supported, getting the one from github is a good idea.
If you want to make your addon compatible with it, like some kind of whitelist system that need all the jobs to be created before initializing, you can do this :
if ezJobs then
   hook.Add("ezJobsLoaded", "init your addon name", function()
       wait 1 sec because some jobs can be created on the
       hook execution this is used by people fixing shitty
       addons like the tow truck addon

       timer.Simple(1, function()

If you can't init your addon with one function (could be an include() ), you're an idiot and should stop releasing addons.
Same if you create jobs with timer.Simple, you should be jailed for that and stop releasing addons.
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Posted: 25-09-2018, 12:45 PM
what's diffirents of ezjob creator and dconfig
i want to know before spend credits. sor
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Nov 2018
Posted: 30-11-2018, 07:13 PM
erro,File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server
Nov 2018
Posted: 06-12-2018, 11:48 PM
I would not recommend using ez jobs because i would rather use lua coding its alot easier
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