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[LEAK] AWarn3 - Warning System

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01-01-2021, 12:45 AM
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AWarn3 is a complete server warning and punishment suite. AWarn3 allows for you and your admins to give and track warnings to your players as well as automatically dish out punishments to repeat offenders. All of this with a new slick modern User Interface!

  • Administrators can warn players and track warnings of players who are on the server.

  • Administrators can search offline players and view their warnings.

  • Players are notified when they are warned and can view their own warnings.

  • Administrators are notified when a player with a warning history connects to the server.

  • Warnings are saved to SQLite database (built into garrysmod) but there is support for MYSQL through MySQLOO for those who wish to use that!

  • AWarn3 can be configured to automatically kick or ban players who have reached a certain number of warnings. All of these punishments are fully configurable through the in-game UI.

  • Players or Groups can be immune to being warned through the use of the 'awarn_immune' permission.

  • Active warnings (the warnings used to determine punishments) can be configured to decay over time. This gives players a chance to be rewarded for their good behavior.

  • Stand-Alone, but there is built in support for the following admin mods: ULX, ServerGuard, xAdmin, and SAM.

  • Certain aspects are exposed through hooks for developer implementations.

  • Language support is built in. Clients can choose their own language from installed languages for the Menu text.

  • Discord logging supported! AWarn3 can print to a discord channel through webhooks when players are warned/kicked/banned through AWarn3.

[b]Console Commands[/b]
[b]awarn warn[/b] <player name/SteamID> <reason> - Warns a player with given reason.
[b]awarn removewarn[/b] <playername/SteamID> - Removes a single active warning from a player.
[b]awarn deletewarnings[/b] <player name/SteamID> - Deletes all warnings from a player.
[b]awarn menu[/b] - Opens the AWarn3 Menu.

[b]Chat Commands[/b]
[b]!warn[/b] - Opens the AWarn3 Menu
[b]!warn[/b] <player/steamid> <reason> - Warns a player with given reason.
The chat command can be configured in the in-game configuration menu.

[b]Admin Mod / Permissions[/b]
  • Included support for the following admin mods:

  • ULX

  • xAdmin

  • ServerGuard

  • SAM

  • CAMI (Support for any admin mod that has CAMI permission integrations)

  • The following permissions should be used with your respective admin mods:

  • awarn_view - Ability to view other players' warnings

  • awarn_warn - Ability to warn other players

  • awarn_remove - Ability to remove active warnings from players.

  • awarn_delete - Ability to delete single warnings and all warnings from players.

  • awarn_options - Ability to edit server options.

  • awarn_immune - Immune from being warned by anyone!

[b]Factory Resetting Your Data[/b]
If you want to reset all of your server data and remove all warnings for everyone, you can just do the following from the server console:
awarn resettodefault
You have to run the above command from the server console (if you are a listen server host, it will work too) to prevent this from being accidentally used or abused.
After running it, restart your server and all data will be reset.
Note: This feature was added to version 1.1. Anyone on an older version will have to update to 1.1 or later first before using this command.

[b]Why is this a new addon and not just an update to AWarn2?[/b]

  1. It's a total rewrite. Completely new code. It's a new addon, not just an update to AWarn2.

  2. Just like with other softwares, when new major versions come out, often times there is a fee to purchase it. AWarn3 is only $6 ($5 for AWarn2) so it made sense to just make it a separate addon.

  3. The way data is stored meant that data is not compatible between AWarn2 and AWarn3, so if you use AWarn3, you have to start 'fresh'. This is the MAIN reason I choose not to make this just an update to AWarn2. I wanted people to have a choice.

  4. Finally, people might just not like AWarn3 and want to stick with AWarn2. I didn't want to have to manage 2 versions of the same addon.

[b]Upgrading from AWarn2[/b]
AWarn3 had a major overhaul to the way data is stored as well as what data is stored and how. That being said, AWarn3 is [b]NOT[/b] directly backwards compatible with AWarn2. You will need to completely uninstall AWarn2 before installing AWarn3. If you are running the stock SQLite version (not using MySQL) you can use the included importer to import AWarn2 warnings into AWarn3. Some things like admin names won't import because that is something I track differently and is not possible to import from AWarn2.
To import AWarn2 Data (New feature as of version 1.2):
Run the command [b]awarn3_import[/b] as a superadmin from in your game.

[b]Should I buy AWarn3 if I already have AWarn2?[/b]

  1. If you are happy with AWarn2 and don't care for the new UI or optimizations to AWarn3? There is no reason to buy AWarn3.

  2. Now that AWarn3 is out, AWarn2 is deprecated and will only be receiving security and bug fixes.

  3. If you don't think $6 is too much and want to support me! <3

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Hi, what is the version ? It is the latest ?
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Bonjour, Merci beaucoup pour ce post il a en plus une version assez récente

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