[LEAK] Delicate UI

by Foks - 07-09-2018, 05:52 PM
Dec 2017
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Posted: 07-09-2018, 05:52 PM (This post was last modified: 07-09-2018, 05:55 PM by Foks.)

Global Features

Ability to reskin the UI to your liking. Each element comes with a blur and non blur theme.
Ability to translate the script to your desired language.
Ability to disable each element, meaning you may have only the HUD running if desired.
HUD Features

DarkRP Hunger Mod is supported.
Agenda, Ammo Section, Laws, Lockdown, Wanted and Arrested interfaces.
Pulsating animations when health and hunger is low.
HUD scales based on your job's name, keeping it clean and simple.
Disable HUD elements to your liking, such as removing Laws, Agenda.
Overhead Display for players. Shows name, health and job.
Scoreboard Features

Supports adding in your own commands.
Interface for kicking, banning players.
Clickable player rows that show commands to the user.
Ability to Mute players that you don't want to listen to.
Spy Mode which allows specific usergroups to be invisible on the scoreboard.
Ranks are now supported on the Scoreboard.
Player counter, easily see how many players are connected to the server.
F4 Features

Jobs section which has the ability to hide specific categories and jobs.
Shop section which links all normal F4 sections into one tab, keeping it clean and simple.
Website tabs which can be configured to allow your user to browse your website in-game.
The ability to open pages in the Steam Browser.
Shop supports Entities, Vehicles, Ammo, Shipments, Singles and Food sections. Each can be disabled freely.
Job descriptions when hovering over a job panel.
Model selection, the user can pick which model they would like to use.

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