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[LEAK] Multifunctional Police Baton

Submitted by CornKing, , Thread ID: 205043

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28-04-2021, 11:35 PM
This scipt adds a Police baton to your server.
It combines StunStick, Arrest stick and Unarrest stick all in one weapon.
To understand how this script works, i recommend you to watch a  and screenshots in the Media section.
The addon adds realism, new gameplay and solves several game problems:
Now you dont have to carry 3 different "sticks" together. (It's not only funny for police officers to have 3 batons if you think about it, they also look very unrealistic due to bright saturated colors, dont you think?)
Now 1 single Police officer wont be able to arrest a whole group of people by just jumping straight to the crowd, spamming the mouse left button.
Replaces all default "sticks", combining them into one.
Requers more action to arrest a player.
Allows to stun players for some time.
Simple and user-friendly interface with 4 actions. Hold R to use.
You can set players wanted usind doors he owns. Look at the door and hold R.
Easier to request a warrant now. All through the interface.
Custom animated SWEP 3D model.
Automatic Workshop content download.
3D Model
This addon contains a fully custom animated 3D model. Check it's preview HERE.
The script is developed only for DarkRP gamemode.
How to setup and configure addon on the server
Transfer the folder with the script into the addons folder on the server.
Add a weapon "weapon_policebaton" in a config of police jobs.
Config placed here: policebaton/lua/weapons/weapon_policebaton/shared.lua.
If you have any problems or questions about this addon, please create a ticket and I'll try to help you as quickly as possible.

may have a backdoor

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