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[LEAK] NPC Store/Rob System - Rob the store or buy from it! (Shop)

Submitted by ExhileHD3, , Thread ID: 192272

01-01-2021, 01:00 AM
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[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]Content pack:[/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: wvBmBumG.png][/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]This addon has 2 elements.[/font]
  1. To all users, it is an NPC store, with organised tabs and the ability to restrict items to user groups, it is a nice and clean store for users to buy from.

  2. However, to the adventurous and risk-taking in-game user, this store can be robbed. It comes with its risks, however also has it's rewards.
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]**Detailed description: **[/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]This system allows for users to both make and spend money![/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]Any user can access the store that can be configured through a config file. They can then purchase an item through the store. This allows for a way to get players out of their base and have them actually go around the map to do things. For example you could have it sell ammo and have players leave their base if they want ammo. Or you could have it sell printers, with the same reasoning.[/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]The second part to this addon is the robbery system. If the user is one of a list of jobs, they are able to rob the store for some extra cash. This can make the location of the NPC a hot spot for your server. It also adds a new level of RP allowing for more kinds of criminal-government interaction.[/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: RqWzMm9L.png][/font]
  • Only supports DarkRP

  • High levels of customisation - The config allows almost all elements to be edited, this way the addon is exactly to your liking.

  • Allow players to spend money

  • Allow players to earn money

  • Blur design

  • Sleek button animation

  • Organised tabs, allowing for categorization

  • Usergroup restrictable items

  • Configurable animation during rob process

  • Optional "drop moneybag" system

  • Custom model

  • NPC calls for help

  • Basic UI to help government navigate to robbery

  • NPCs to be placed around the map - This forces players to leave their base and actually navigate the map.

  • Save system. Use the command "savestorerob" to save the NPCs to the map

  • Failchecker (User disconnects, dies or leaves a set distance then the robbery ends)

  • Lightweight - This addon was designed to be as small and compact as possible, this means that it does not pull on your server resources.
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][b]Saving the NPC to map[/b][/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]To save the NPC to the map, do the following:[/font]
  1. Spawn the NPC around the map

  2. Once you have all the NPCs spawned, type the command "savestorerob" in console. This will present a chat message and will save the NPCs

  3. Restart the server
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]And you're done! Simple![/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: acrmMbRc.png][/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]BE WARNED, THE VIDEO IS SLIGHTLY OUT OF DATE![/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]A video showing a quick overlay the main features can be found here: [/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][/url][/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: nc5WpYxk.png][/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]A showcase of the animation:[/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: giphy.gif][/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]Moneybag models, credit to The One Free-Man[/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: f921f300317ce57a53896520c5d6eda1.png][/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]The config for the store side of the addon:[/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: 4ec7b94f5ecbeafc702a1030bf4e241b.png][/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: zqCAkcZz.png][/font]
  • In-game item adder

  • Better support for multiple NPCs selling different stuff

  • Rework restrictions system to allow individual item restriction to specific set variable

  • Any suggestions to better the addon would be great!
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: x1ynvkAe.png][/font]
  • Then contact me, through steam is probably quickest however a support ticket will work just fine aswell. The quicker the bug is fixed, the better!
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: IOsoHCyo.png][/font]
  • Please take the time to review my script, both negative and positive reviews are appreciated. However contact me before giving a negative review as I'd love to resolve your issue instead!
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: PmPe4yAE.png][/font]
  • I tried to allow almost everything to be configurable in some way. By doing this it allows the user to have the script as fine tuned to their liking as possible. If you find something that you think should be editable, let me know.
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][Image: wqMOU8Bo.png][/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]The One Free-Man - Created the moneybag model[/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]Bilel Abdela - Crated the banner[/font]

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