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04-08-2019, 08:37 AM
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gHomes is doing what DarkRP Property system isn't. Saving props, adding permanent purchases, buying doors in bulk, limit of owned properties; Every house/apartment is independently configurable (Purchase only/Rent only/Both | Rent price/Purchase price etc)

GHomes allows your players to rent/purchase houses or apartments.
GHomes is provided with strong and easy-to-use tools which will allow you to quickly add -if the map you're using is not supported yet- houses or apartments to your favorite map.
You can either buy/rent the home/apartment directly on it's front panel or go to the NPC selling them, you can also disable the panels in the config to force the players to use the Seller.
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Buy houses from multiple way (Each way can be disabled in the settings/ or by not spawning the npc)
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Let the players rent or purchase properties (You do like : max rental = 3 days, autosell after not connected after x days in the config)
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Let the players decide for how much days they rent the home (You can disable each mode individually for each house)
[Image: gyO07pu.png] As a player, renew the lease before it expires
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Easy as hell to use tools allowing you to add your own maps/houses/apartments
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Auto props saving for the owner of the house/apartment every minutes
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Auto keys management, directly use them, no F2 or door linking bullshit
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Prevent people from spawning shit on your lawn
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Sexy preview of the property when buying it with the NPC
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Sexy 3D panel if you decide to keep it enabled, [b]since the 4.0 update you can disable it and open it in a 2D context using F2 on the door[/b]
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Add co-owners, allow them to open/close doors and spawn props
[Image: gyO07pu.png] With the 3D Panel, ring the doorbell and leave messaged to the owner or the co-owners, they will be able to read them directly on it.
[Image: gyO07pu.png] If the player didn't connect for X days (in the config) the property/house/whatever he owns is sold.
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Compatible with AGC to get a list of the guys living in a house
[Image: gyO07pu.png] [b]NO DRM[/b]
💪 ESL ONE Certified mathematics used for optimizations
Quick showcase video i made for the 2.0, it's a recap of most of the existing features, keep in mind i'm french, so pardon my english
[Image: mOlw5T8.jpg]
[Image: gyO07pu.png] Sexy booting animation for the tool (you'll see it only once, don't worry)
[Image: gyO07pu.png] [b][NEW][/b] You can now edit houses (daily price, perma price, name etc) directly with the NPC
[Image: gyO07pu.png] [b][NEW][/b] Players can now rent houses in hours not just in days
[Image: gyO07pu.png] [b][NEW][/b] You can enable the "sell-on-leave" mode to get a darkrp vanilla experience and still make it easier for your players to buy houses
Even if the tool to add homes is easy as hell to use, ready-to use maps files are provided with the addon, more will come in the future, but keep in mind using the tools is really easy.
All existing map are supported, there is nothing as an "unsupported map", the tools are easy as fuck to use, really
[Image: CKlQ9zs.gif]
(I know it's supposed to be X per day and not per day[b]s[/b], it's fixed in the addon but i'm too lazy to re-record it)
[Image: YbCrFH2.gif]
sexy booting animation which you will see only once Wink, don't worry about seeing it evertime to use the tool
[Image: DLdvCKa.gif]

Compatibility and other stuff

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