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MMOItems Premium 6.2.1

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01-10-2020, 12:26 PM
  1. Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
  2. Languages Supported:
    French, Chinese, Spanish
    Donation Link:
    /2r2FIcz]https://[disallowed url shortening site]/2r2FIcz
    [Image: Ahz4BpN.png]

    Welcome to MMOItems!
    MMOItems Wiki | Discord Channel | Lite Version | Metrics | Trello

    [Image: RvIgh3u.png]
    • Unique Item Types (list)
      • Items can have different effects depending on their item type.
        • Slashing weapons deal AoE damage in a cone behind the target.
        • Piercing weapons deal damage in a line behind the target.
        • Blunt weapons do powerful sweep attacks.
        • Other ranged weapons like staffs, crossbows, muskets & lutes which all have their very unique attack effect.
  3. 90 Item Options
    • Including unique item stats, display options, item attributes, abilities, recipes and much more!
  4. 50+ Item Abilities (right-click - on-hit)
    • You can bind up to one right-click ability and one on-hit ability on each item to make it even more unique.
    • You can even bind the /mi ability command to an item to add even more right-click abilities to one single item.
    • Items can have extra passive effects if you use on-hit abilities that trigger when hitting an entity. On-hit abilities can also be set on armors and will trigger just like a Thorns enchant when a monster hits you!
  5. Elemental Damage
    • Elemental Damage defines the percent of your weapon damage that is dealt as elemental damage. Elemental Defense decreases a specific type of elemental damage.
    • Particles display when hitting an enemy for every element on your item.
    • Available elements: Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Water, Light, Darkness
  6. Gem Stones
    • Gem stones can be bound to items to give them extra stats like extra attack damage, damage reduction, movement speed...
    • Gem stones can also break while trying to apply them onto an item. You can choose on what items each gem can be bound onto.
  7. Item Deconstruction
    • Players can deconstruct an item into another item using a special consumable. The item that results depends on the item tier. The higher the tier is, the better the result will be.
    • Tiers can be entirely configured in the tiers.yml file.
    • Deconstructing an item can also drop materials that players can use by the advanced workbench to craft other unique items!
    • Consumables
      • Consumables are custom food players that can eat to regen their health, food bar, saturation level & to gain potion effects for a specific amount of time. Consumables can also send commands and cast abilities just like normal weapons.
      • Unlike other items, they can be used to repair, identify or deconstruct other items.
    • Unidentified Items
      • Monsters can sometimes drop unidentified items. These items must be identified using a specific consumable in order to be used. Unidentified items have their stats completely hidden on the item lore.
    • Item Edition GUI
      • Edit your items & see what they look like with the in-game item edition menu.
    • Complex Crafting Recipes
      • Players can right-click (while crouching) a workbench to open the Advanced Workbench, which allows players to craft plugin-made items using complex items. This system supports item durability, quantity & display name. You can also set up the crafting recipe to use MMOItems as ingredients. You can control what crafting recipes players have access to by setting a permission on an advanced recipe.
  8. Monster & Block Drops
    • You can set up complex drop tables for monsters (including mobs from MythicMobs) and blocks. You can also drop unidentified items which will need to be identified in order to be used by players.
  9. Endless Possibilities
    • Fully translatable & customizable
      • Translate messages, stats, ability names...
      • Customizable lore format
    • Vanilla Crafting Recipes
      • Shaped, shapeless & furnace editable crafting recipes
    • Automatic Item Updater
      • In case you want to nerf an item that is becoming overpowered, you can use the auto updater to force the item to update for everyone on the server. Perform one command, configure a few things and from now on any old item will update whenever a player clicks it in its inventory.
    • Random item stat values!
    • Cool particle & sound effects
    • Compatible with many RPG plugins
    • Useful commands with tab completion
  10. [Image: xHiaoS0.png]
    • Item Customization
      • Display Name (with random placeholders), lore
      • Enchantments
      • Colored leather armor & potions
      • Unbreakable items (supports texture by durability items from NewItems)
      • Skull textures (supports textures from head databases)
      • Shield patterns
    • Attack Damage & Speed
    • Critical Strike Chance & Crit Power
    • PvP & PvE Damage
    • Additional Health Regeneration
    • Damage against undeads (zombies, skeletons..)
    • Damage Reduction
      • Fire Damage Reduction
      • Magic Damage Reduction
      • Fall Damage Reduction
    • Mitigation Mechanics
      • Blocking - blocking an attack blocks a portion of the damage.
      • Dodging - dodging a melee attack completely negates the damage.
      • Parrying - parrying an attack blocks a portion of the damage and knocks the enemy back.
        • All these systems also feature cooldowns which can be reduced by another item stat.
    • Vanilla Attributes
      • Armor & Armor Toughness
      • Maximum Health
      • Knockback Resistance
      • Movement Speed
    • Potions Effects when wearing/holding/using an item
    • Gem Stone Options
      • Item Type Restrictions
      • Success Rate
    • Two Handed weapons (1.9+)
      • The player will receive Slow IV if he hold one two handed item and one other item at the same time.
    • Right-click & On-hit Abilities
    • Right-click Commands
    • Stats for consumables
      • Health & food restoration
      • Saturation restoration
      • Repair Power - drag & drop to repair your item.

      • Item Identification & Deconstruction
    • 2 Custom Enchants
      • Bouncing Crack - tools can break multiple blocks at the same time
      • Autosmelt - tools smelt mined ores automatically
    • Item Restrictions
      • Permissions
      • Classes & levels from RPG plugins
      • Unidentified Items
    • Many more unique item options.... including guns (muskets)!
      • Fire Rate
      • Semi Automatic guns
      • Spread & Recoil systems
      • Shots become more and more innacurate the longer you spray
  11. [Image: tADdQ57.png]
  12. [Image: P4ls2Zv.png]

    [Image: 4575641525809619.gif]

    [Image: QiBOdlJ.png]
    • /gemstones shows all the gem stone stats of your item.
    • /updateitem updates the item the player is holding.
    • /updateitem <type> <item-id> toggles on the item updater for a specific item.
    • /advancedworkbench opens the advanced workbench.
    • /mi create <item-type> <item-id> creates a new item.
    • /mi copy <item-type> <item-id> <target-item-id> duplicates an existing item.
    • /mi load <item-type> <item-id> loads the item in your hand (supports textures by durability & custom skulls).
    • /mi delete <item-type> <item-id> deletes an existing item.
    • /mi edit <item-type> <item-id> opens up the item edition menu.
    • /mi <type> <item> (player) (amount) spawns an item.
    • /mi ability <ability> (player) (mod1) (val1) (mod2) (val2)... forces a player to cast an ability (supports ability modifiers).
    • /mi drop <type> <item-id> <world> <x> <y> <z> <drop-chance> <[min]-[max]> <unidentification-chance>
    • /mi itemlist <type> shows the list of all items in that specific item type.
    • /mi (un)identify (un)identifies the item you are holding.
    • /mi heal heals you (improved /essentials:heal) without removing the positive potion effects.
    • /mi info gives information about a player (detected RPG level & class)
    • /mi crreload reloads advanced crafting recipes
    • /mi reload reloads the plugin config files.
    • /mi list shows the in-game plugin documentation.
    • /mi help <page> shows the plugin help page.
  13. Having issues with the chat edition feature? Use /mimsg <message>
    • mmoitems.op - permission for admin commands.
    • [b]mmoitems.bypass.level[/b] - bypasses the item level restriction.
    • mmoitems.bypass.item - bypasses the item permission restriction.
    • [b]mmoitems.bypass.ability[/b] - bypasses the ability permission restriction.
    • mmoitems.bypass.class - bypasses the item class restriction.
    • mmoitems.update - allows to use /updateitem.
    • mmoitems.awb - allows to use /advancedwb.

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RE: MMOItems Premium 6.2.1

22-01-2022, 01:01 AM
Thanks for the leak, i hope you upload more!

RE: MMOItems Premium 6.2.1

22-01-2022, 11:22 PM
dzieki mordo kocham cie za to ze wrzucasz te pluginy!

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