MP3 Automatic Search engine - FULL DECODED
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MP3 Automatic Search engine - FULL DECODED
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- MultiLingual
Change language by clicking on a convenient flag picture.
- Search Clouds
Provides you with thousands of pages indexed by search engines
- Advanced Security features
All passwords are crypted, tens of techniques/code procedures were applied to that the script is secure
- Graphic Statistics
Get informations on different areas of the MP3 Search Downloads facts.
- SEO Optimized
We've again finetuned the script to get the most from Google and other search engines
- Google analytic
We added an option to dynamically set your google analytic code on all the pages
- Mass Maill through SMTP
We added the ability to send mass e-mails trough SMTP
- Search Tags
Provide Search Tags to users when no results are found. These tags, similar to a search cloud are also indexed by Google.
- SEO Optimized
We've again finetuned the script to get the most from Google and other search engines
- Easy Navigation
Navigate the script easily with friendly links, urls, and very easy and friendly design.
- Automatic Updating
Everything updates AUTOMATICALLY, upload, install, and leave it! Searches 3 MASSIVE MP3 search engines (more to come in the future) to provide your customers with LOTS of options!
- User Playlists
Users can create/delete there own playlists to enjoy on your site, and also embed them on to other sites. Check out the EASY no refresh adding!
- Lyrics Search
Users can search from HUNDREDS of THOUSDANDS of songs for any type of lyric!
- Info Page
Individual pages for songs to vote, rate, comment, and more!
- Comments
Users can leave comments on any one of the songs!
- Ajax Ratings
Vote each song by a 1 - 5 rating, done in ajax with a beautiful design. Check it out.
- Ajax Suggestion
With the search it will auto-populate a suggestion of an artist from the 16,000+ artists in the database! Check it out.
- File Details
Lists certain details about each song on the search, Artist, Genre and More
- Embed Songs
Users can click embed on a song and pops up in a nice web2.0 window so your user can easily post on there own website or myspace!
- No Huge Hosting
No need for huge hosting, as all file as remotely hosted, and the script is VERY small in size!
- Legal?
Yes your site will be completely legal as you do not host any content, and all content is downloaded from a 3rd party server!
- Preview Song
Preview, and listen to the song before you download. Plays in a nice flash mp3 player.
Mod_Rewrite on the search to help with SEO
- Search Feature
Easy Search feature. Search anything, artist, name, band Lots of options, LOTS of results.
- User Signup
Ability for users to sign up and create an account.
- Download Count
Keeps track of the total number of download on the site
- Recent Searches
Users can View the top 25 recent searches made on the site.
- Embed your Search
Users can embed your search on to there site, so there users can search your database (and land on your website!).
- Ads between Results
Ads between results for better CTR and ad Pay!

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