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Mashle:Magic and Muscles is too overrated anime.

Submitted by CaptainJuezo, , Thread ID: 287102

21-02-2024, 01:30 AM
[Disclaimer] You may say "If you don't like this jenre, then watch the other", but no, I like the light jenre like this and here I am will be explaining the things.

Wassup everyone, you know the topic from above, so... What are my takes on here?

Mainly, the issue is into the main character and his surroundings.

We've all seen anime like OnePunchMan or DragonBallZ, when we have basically a god amongst the people, and here we have similar character, very similar to Saitama you may say. But I completely disagree with this opnion, since, Saitama is a smart dude, who just don't really cares about what's going on around him. He acts solely in his own interests, when here, we have a log-like-minded character, who commits and action only when "someone said so, ok gotta do it". It's extremely rare event when there's some initiative coming out from this character.

Surroundings... Particularly the people. I mean, It's nothing wrong with becoming friends with your previously self-acclaimed worst enemy ever, but in this anime... It feels wrong. I don't know about manga (If It even exists), but It just doesn't seem right. In most situations we have a formula that looks something like this: meetup of two chars - propose that someone is enemy - enemy trying to destroy mc - can't do anything - oh no, I'm sorry I was wrong, let's be friends. And that's pretty It! I mean, It could work once or maybe, even twice, but man, seeing this line lasting whole anime... It's really makes you tired to look at all this scenes, so you just wanna skip them.

Mainly, that's the only offence I have toward this creation. What's your thought about this two takes? I just really hope, I'm not alone with this kind of opnion.

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