Mega Resource Thread - EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Cracking / SQLi / Proxy tools / Free Com
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Mega Resource Thread - EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Cracking / SQLi / Proxy tools / Free Com
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You are free to have this leak but bear in mind, it's not mine, so don't bother me if the links/program/source/whatever stop working. I take no responsibility of this, use at your own risk.

Note: Download the files at your own risk!I am not the creator of the files/programs, I am just sharing the ones I use.
It's your choice to run the files or not, I recommend you to open it in sandboxie or on an RDP.
I will try to regularly update this thread with new files / resources.
I added a VirusTotal scan to every download.

Also If you think I should add something, just let me know. Comment bellow.
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[Image: zCTuBiI.png]
Sentry MBA
Sentry mba is a universal cracking tool. It is a heavy duty tool that can crack most sites and is very easy to use. The latest version is 1.4.1.
[Image: Nsr0pcw.jpg]
VirusTotal scan:here.
[Image: bYZXf7e.png]
SQLi Dumper v7.0
SQLi Dumper is a tool to find bugs errors or vulnerabilities in MySQL database
Things you can do with SQLi Dumper:
SQL Injection
Operation System Function
Dump Database
Extract Database Schema
Search Columns Name
Read File (read only)
Create File (read only)
Brute Table Colum.
[Image: lrKgcXY.png]
VirusTotal scan:here.
Havij Pro
Havij is an automated SQL Injection tool that helps penetration testers to find and exploit SQL Injection vulnerabilities on a web page.
It can take advantage of a vulnerable web application. By using this software, user can perform back-end database fingerprinting, retrieve DBMS login names and password hashes, dump tables and columns, fetch data from the database, execute SQL statements against the server, and even access the underlying file system and execute operating system shell commands.
[Image: rNwL2nV.png]
VirusTotal scan:here.
HCreate User/Pass/Email combos from your Havij Exploited Databases.
[Image: udvjevS.jpg]
VirusTotal scan:here.
[Image: jVEqWss.png]
AIOHNB is a tool that collects all the needed options for a cracker to start with, urls grabbing, forum leeching, proxies leeching, strings leeching, proxy tester, combo manipulation and alot more!!
[Image: pNDZYTl.png]
VirusTotal scan:here.
Pastebin Spider
This tool can leech combos (user or email), proxies, emails from site .... all you have to do is to 1- add Query you want to search for in the textbox above (such as ProxyList, Email + ComboList, UserList ...... etc) 2-Define a when your looking for Results were posted d: = one day w: = week m : = month y: = year to: = Any Time 3-Choose What u want the tool to capture from the buttons below (User: Pass Combos, Email: Pass Combos, Proxy Lists, Email Lists) Notes: Needs .net Framework 4.5
[Image: dUexnOd.png]
VirusTotal scan:here.
Combolist Editor
Fix yourcombo listswith this tool.
[Image: PttvnPI.png]
VirusTotal scan:here.
Best combo leecher around.
[Image: E21J6ph.jpg]
VirusTotal scan:here.
[Image: 4i8xJaF.png]
ProxyFire Master Suite Professional
Proxyfire is a powerful tool to search for proxy servers and checks, which can check not only HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, Tunnel, SSL SMTP (E-Mail) proxies and classify them into SOCKS proxy, high anonymous proxy, anonymous proxy, transparent proxy and the proxy gateway. This powerful and versatile tool includes a forum Proxy Leecher, Search Engines Proxy Leecher, Proxy Scan, IP to country mapping, proxy filter, RBL Filter, Dangerous IP, filter by host name, etc. With Proxyfire you can get thousands of fresh proxies per day.
[Image: j8BnMp2.png]
VirusTotal scan:here.
HMA Ultimate Proxy Grabber
The ultimate proxy grabber.
[Image: MQMOWgH.png]
VirusTotal scan:here.
[Image: byJHu6a.png]
To be announced..
[Image: t7v0ZoM.png]
Free Combolists
Over 700.000 free combos:

Sorry, but you need at least 25 posts and 5 hours online time to unlock hidden content.

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