My Heroes of the Storm team.

by Gummy - 21-10-2015, 05:35 PM
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Posted: 21-10-2015, 05:35 PM
Just a little bit of an update for you guys about my Heroes team.
As of right now, things are looking really well. I am super happy to say
that my team mates are mechanically strong players, as well as
very well rounded individuals in whom I spend most of my time with now.

As of right now, we are going to be out of tournaments for a month
to scrim against other professional teas, practice, and become stronger and better.

As we get forward in our play as a team, I plan on announcing or letting you
guys here on Nulled about tournaments we enter so you guys can watch
and cheer for us as we set our goal for victory and hopefully succeed!

After we win some tournaments, our sponsor/team Lzuruha will pay for
us to fly out to California and compete in a LAN center and train up there for a few
weeks and then start sending us to compete in major tournaments around the USA
and possibly the world.

Our current starting line up is..

Finn(me) as Team Captain/Assassin Flex
licorice as Flex/Support/Assassin Flex
FrozenX as Shot caller/Flex/Specialist Flex
Glissa as Tank/Flex

We are still looking for a support to fill our roster, but we plan on filling that spot soon.

Either way, that is all for today. Thank you guys for reading, and I will see you around :yus:
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