New reCAPTCHA Human Verification
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New reCAPTCHA Human Verification
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What is it?
This mod adds the new version of reCAPTCHA as an option in the Human Verification Manager.

Note: The original reCAPTCHA used default keys if you didn't enter your own, so you could leave the key fields blank. This version requires you to have your own keys for your domain, so if you don't already have them you need to go to this page and create them (click on the "Get reCAPTCHA" button).

vb3 version is here:

1) Upload the file in the "upload" folder to your server.

2) Import the product XML file from the Product Manager.

3) If you don't already have keys, go to this page and create keys for your domain. (If you already have keys you can get them from that page as well).

4) Go to Settings > Human Verification Manager, select "New reCAPTCHA" for the Verification Library, and click Save.

5) Enter your keys on the options page, and select the light or dark widget as desired (apparently white and black are the only options at this time). You could select "Audio" to default to audio instead of image for the challenge, but the widget seems to have a bug in it at the moment so I recommend leaving it set to "image". Click Save when you're done selecting options.

6) You can check the configuration and do a test by clicking on "Click here to test connection" which appears under the description in the Human Verification Manager.

7) Do a test registration (or other action that requires hv) to test that your keys are entered correctly and everything is working.

8) If you are upgrading from version 0.9, you can remove the file includes/class_humanverify_newrecaptcha.php (the one without the third underscore) from your server.

1.0 (Feb 22, 2015)
Cached template (required renaming the uploaded file from
class_humanverify_newrecaptcha.php to class_humanverify_new_recaptcha.php)
Removed default keys (which didn't work anyway)
Removed trademark symbols
Changed execution order of plugins from 5 to 4, to make sure this product
works with another HV add-on that has a bug.
If "New reCAPTCHA" is selected when this mod is uninstalled, the hv library
is switched to 'disabled'.
Added a test option to print out more information about verification failures

0.9 (Dec 11, 2014)
Initial Release
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