Online Casino Players Lists - over 30 Million Gambling Emails

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04-05-2022, 05:22 PM
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Online Casino Players Lists - over 30 Million Gambling Emails

I'm selling over 30 million emails of online casino players which I have been collecting for the past
10 years. These are not scraped or found on the internet. For the past decade I've been working with
many casino affiliate managers, some of them sold me their lists of casino players, and over the time
it has accumulated to this ammount. I made a killing with these leads, but these days bulk mailing has
become extremely hard when it comes to inboxing especially casino offers. My mailing capabilities aren't
as good as before so I decided to sell it. As you know casino industry differs from other niches in terms
of saturation. Casino players are mostly addicted to gambling and as long their email is working you can
send them many different casino game offers, gamblers aren't one time customers. If they like the games,
deals or offer they will spend money and play.
The emails are from 2008 to 2019

Some Stats from  2019

[Image: mK59rpK.png]

If you have a decent mailing server and ability to clean and validate emails you will make a killing with these lists.

PRICE: $300.00

Payment: Skrill, Neteller, BTC, Ethereum, LTC

Middleman Service Accepted

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