[Open Beta] Velkoz, Angles and Lasers [Updated June 27th(ver0.963)] Working Patch 5.1
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[Open Beta] Velkoz, Angles and Lasers [Updated June 27th(ver0.963)] Working Patch 5.1
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Special Features:
  • Finds best angle to cast Q around minions.
  • Auto Tracks Ult on target when you press ult key.
  • Casts spells to enemy dashing position
  • Draws R damage on the health bar.
  • Uses Frost Queens Claim in Combo
How does ult work?
This script does not use Ult in Combo because it's a bad idea because you may not be in a good place to use ult. Simply press ult key and it will auto target it for you.
You can also hold shift key before or during ult to target mouse position if you need to.
Recommendation: I recommend going Vel'koz support instead of mid because the lane shape sets up better for his Q and you can hide in bushes easily. Also there is two targets to randomly hit with Q over one. With support you can do almost same damage as mid but with taking less gold from your team.
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