[Paid/Cracked] Time Machine Ekko v1.03 (6/25/15)
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[Paid/Cracked] Time Machine Ekko v1.03 (6/25/15)
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[Image: hil6XjD.png]
Version : 1.03
Last Updated : 6/25/15
[Image: CXqB2vu.jpg]
  • Dynamic Combo - Uses spells and saves spells for the correct scenario.
  • Custom W Logic - Will use W in certain situations for your target or for grouped enemies.
  • High Customization Offensive and Defensive Ultimate Usage
  • Offensive Ultimate includes many adjustable scenarios
  • Defensive Ultimate/Zhonya includes dodging dangerous spells and other scenarios
  • Integrated Zhonya Logic - Will either use Zhonyas or Ultimate based on which is better in each situation.
  • Return Q Correction - Will dash to make the Q hit if it's needed
  • Unique damage calculations drawn on the health bar. Picture:
    [Image: meDHeQV.png]
  • Q Helper Drawings. Shows you what the return Q will hit
  • Casts W on top of you before every Zhonya for the W-Zhonya Combo. Even on manual cast Zhonya.
  • Special KS logic
  • E-AA Reset
  • Option to auto-move to make return Q hit
  • Wave/Jungle clear key
  • Escape key - Will E away and jump to furthest minion. Can also cast W.
  • KS Jungle key - Includes Dragon and Baron
  • Reveal hidden enemy in bush with W or ward
  • Auto-level spells
  • Auto-buy starting items with options
  • Smart Ignite Finisher - Won't waste on easy kills. You can choose how aggressive you want it to be.
  • Left click to focus selected target - Indicated by a rotating triangle
  • VPrediciton, HPrediction, DivinePred
  • Many other special drawings, indicators, and options can be seen in game
[Image: 0vyWLyt.jpg]

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