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Patrix Resouce Pack x256/x128/x64/x32

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22-02-2021, 07:29 AM
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Leaking because the author told me I was poor for trying to pirate his resource pack

Reuploaded in case the author changes the link again.

Original Update 31 Patreon Post:

- added following item textures:
iron ingot, gold ingot, netherite ingot, emerald, diamond, stick, bone, string, feather, redstone dust, glowstone dust, gunpowder, sugar, book, enchanted book, writable book/written book, bucket, water bucket, lava bucket, milk bucket, clock, compass, flint, flint & steel, shears, totem of undying, firework rocket, slime ball, dragon breath, experience bottle, potato, cooked potato, poisonous potato, wheat, bread, carrot, golden carrot, apple, golden apple, melon slice, glistering melon slice, beetroot, egg (2)
- changed diamond sword texture (2)
- added POM support to respawn anchor (1)
- added POM support to still lava (1)
- added random model height to crops (3)
- added campfire smoke particle texture (1)
- brightened diorite slightly (1)
- fixed conduit eye (1)
- various small tweaks/fixes

*(1)=basic (2)=items (3)=models

More item textures will be added in the future, and maybe mob/entity textures following that.

The hard part about making item texture that works with shaders is they often look too flat in inventory, because you aren't supposed to add baked-in shading to the textures. If you feel the flatness of the item texture in inventory is too much of a problem for survival gameplay, I suggest not using my item textures, or overlay better ones from other packs ontop of mine.

The new diamond sword should fit the style with other diamond tools better.

I always thought massive farmlands look ugly/unnatural because of how all the crops are at the same height, so I added some random height variation to the models. However it might cause some problem with identifying which crop is fully grown, so if you dislike the feature, just check the "features list" text file inside the models pack for instructions on how to remove them.

I noticed the POM effect for still lava often desync from the color texture, if it happens just press "F3 + R" to reload.

Changed the texture test map, expanded the item display section and redone the medieval castle.

Since I've already made posts explaining various common problems with my pack and another post on mediafire, any comments/questions on these matters or things already written in this post will likely be ignored. I'm tired of answering the same shit over and over again to people who doesn't read.

You can download the pack here (works with any 1.15/1.16 versions):

Original: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/lgrq308necfar

Reupload: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/riopd9hrfoimy...ZNtJa?dl=0

Click on the files inside the folders individually to download them
  • Basic: all required essential vanilla textures
  • Addon: optional extra biome-specific textures that fits vanilla gameplay
  • Bonus: optional extra biome-specific textures that doesn't fit vanilla gameplay
  • Items: item and armor textures
  • Models: optional extra custom models, works with any res versions
The "basic" pack need to be loaded at the bottom (just above default pack), and the optional packs can be loaded on top in any order.

The texture resolution for "basic", "addon", and "bonus" pack need to match each other for pathtracing to work properly, but you can use whatever res you like for the "items" and "models" pack.

The extra grass in the "models" pack works best with SEUS PTGI HRR and "Smooth Lighting" option disabled.

Please check the included "features list" text file inside each optional pack to see detail descriptions of what they add, or how to remove unwanted features in the "models" pack.

!! Don't try the 256x versions unless you have plenty of RAM/VRAM !!

Make sure these settings are set correctly, or else the textures will get messed up:
  • "Quality Settings > Connected Textures" to Fancy
  • "Quality Settings > Natural Textures" to Off
  • "Detail Settings > Alternate Blocks" to On
  • "Detail Settings > Trees" to Smart or Fancy
  • "Performance Settings > Smart Animations" to On
  • "Shaders > Shader Options > Raytracing Options > Full Raytrace Reflections" to On (for SEUS PTGI shader only)
  • "Shaders > Shader Options > Texture Resolution" to match the res of the pack you're using (for SEUS PTGI shader only)

Optionally could download the block properties file included in the download link and use it to overwrite the same file inside SEUS PTGI shaderpack.
The file adds several fixes, and makes ore crystals glow if you enable "glowing redstone block" or makes the bonus pack scifi panels glow if you enable "glowing emerald block" in the shader options.

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