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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player Points Out Depressing Easter Egg

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03-12-2022, 11:08 PM
The latest Easter egg a player was ready to reveal inside Pokemon Scarlet and Violet carried with it a blend of emotions because of it being a recognition for a person from one of the franchise's later computer games. Pokemon's history is brimming with characters that Pokemon players stay close and dear to their hearts, whether it be more seasoned players' being a fan for Professor Oak to the close universal love for Eevee. This specific player, however, has a soft spot for a person they got to meet in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are crammed with Easter eggs players have been discovering in the time since the games were released in November 2022. Engineer Game Oddity wasn't shy about venturing into the franchise's past, either, for certain Easter eggs appearing as though they were pulled straightforwardly out of Pokemon Red and Blue as pixel craftsmanship displayed in Alfadora Town. Extra Easter eggs are ones players have generally expected from Pokemon games, whether it be nods to the nurses and cops somehow all being connected or the protagonist's family coming from a locale highlighted in previous games.
As referenced above, however, it was an Easter egg committed to a specific person from Pokemon Legends: Arceus which pulled on one player's heartstrings. Reddit user Green_Tea_Totaler shared in a post they saw a drawing of Professor Laventon on the blackboard during Raifort's history class players can go to in both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Green_Tea_Totaler said seeing Laventon's picture first gave a sense of pleasure, however this immediately turned sad subsequent to understanding how much time that has passed since Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Laventon is a voyaging professor and individual from the System Group's Survey Corps wandering across the locale of Hisui, later known as Shinnoh, to study the district and the Pokemon occupying it. Players experience the professor subsequent to being flung back in time by the game's nominal god Pokemon, assisting players with getting comfortable with the locale and giving the three starter Pokemon to choose from. He can normally be found at every one of the base camps and Universe Lobby until the end of the game, giving players tasks and rewards to the research they do across the locale.

While players having connection to characters such as Professor Laventon is genuinely normal in gaming, Green_Tea_Totaler's response highlights a stream of thought not as regularly seen among players. It very well may be contended that while players might have an adoration for specific characters, most players may not consider these characters' futures past the finish of the game, given the separation between the game and the player. All things considered, it can also be contended Green_Tea_Totaler's response is starting to turn into a more normal one as game narratives offer further themes and characters for players to connect to.

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