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Police Armory Locker (Lockpicking, Weapon Armory & Custom Models)

Submitted by Lutscher123, , Thread ID: 222632

22-10-2021, 07:16 PM
Another case of an infected Download I cleaned up.

This is a police armory that has everything you need! Police officers can retrieve and deposit weapons into the armory and access them through a sexy UI, while robbers can lockpick their way into the armory Pay-Day style.

Robbers are able to lockpick the doors of the police armory locker in a Pay-Day style if they purchase an armory lockpick through the F4 menu.

✔️ Police armory to retrieve weapons, ammo and items.
✔️ Lockpicking system for criminals to steal from the armory.
✔️ Custom models.
✔️ Custom door animations and sequences.
✔️ Custom icons on the armory locker doors.
✔️ A successful lockpick grants access to steal 3 random items from the armory.
✔️ Supports M9K weapons by default.
✔️ Police can deposit weapons back into the armory.
✔️ Notifies police when someone has lockpicked it.
✔️ Police reward for killing players trying to lockpick doors.
✔️ Cooldown on doors after being lockpicked until weapons automatically restock.
✔️ Players have a personal cooldown after lockpicking, independently of the door cooldown.
✔️ Console command to easily save and change position of the police armory with map based saving.
✔️ Rewards for killing criminals that are lockpicking the armory.
✔️ 30+ configuration options for you to change the script to your liking.
✔️ And much more!

You can find the Content Pack HERE.
If you want to buy it on gmodstore, the Link is HERE.

This addon supports DarkRP 2.7+
Other newer versions should also work. If they do not, please create a ticket so this can be sorted.
Extract police_armory_locker to your addons!
Once you've done that, you will need to set up the location of the police armory.
All you have to do now is launch your server, find a fitting spot for the armory and type policearmory_locker_setpos and the position will be saved.
If you want to set another position for the police armory locker you just run the command again. It will now show up at your new position after 5 seconds.
The armory will face in the direction of the player, so keep that in mind when setting it in-game.

Showcase Video

[Image: 60b8664ad64708705e3c14b38ba0312a.png]
[Image: 5ed25c40f26eb431726401d4efc4b3a3.png]
[Image: 2fff097405845b5adc351ff40abcbbdb.png]

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