Post Affiliate Network - self hosted version, 1 of a kind license + DOMAIN/HOSTING

by abda53 - 20-06-2015, 11:14 PM
Jun 2015
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Posted: 20-06-2015, 11:14 PM
I have a license for Post Affiliate Network. It is a unique, one of a kind license that I got from the owner for doing work for their website a few years ago.


I bought this domain years ago to start an affiliate system with. With a new job and 2 kids, plus several side projects, I have been unable to get this started.. I need some cash, so looking to sell.

This license is for a ONE OF A KIND license for Post Affiliate Network Pro by Quality Unit. You can view more at

There are two versions of this script, Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) and Post Affiliate Network (PAN). This is for PAN. PAP lets you run your own affiliate network. PAN lets you become THE affiliate network, letting other companies join your network (think, commission junction, amazon, sharesale, linkshare, clickbank, amazon, avangate, etc)

There are several versions of PAN availabe. A basic SaaS version for $79 a month, the Professional SaaS version is $199 a month, the Enterprise Saas version is $699 and the downloadable version is $1,899. The downloadable version has all of the features of the Enterprise Saas version except you get unlimited tracking requests and you host it on your own server. The downloadable license is good for 1 domain, and contains free updates for 1 year.. after the first year it costs $759 to get updates and support for the next year.

Up for grabs today is the Downloadable license on the domain.. a $1,899 value.

Why is this unique? Because MY license is special. My license was created in 2010, and is valid (free updates) until December 31, 2030. That's right, you have over 15 years of updates remaining on this license. For those of you who aren't math majors, that is a $1,899 license, plus 14 years of updates = $10,626

It gets better too... how? Remember how I said the license is only good for one domain? MY license can be used on any number of domains... so say you want to run two sites.. that would be a value of $21,252.. three sites? $31,878.. you get the point.. Hell.. you can even sell the license to other people and make even more (they just won't be able to update it unless you give them the updated version)

Now that's just in savings... I haven't even talked about how much money you could make with actually running the network.. Keep in mind that this domain/site is basically new and I have not worked on it... so that would be on you, but with anything in life, to make money you need to put in the time and effort to make it successful.

I am asking $3,000 for a quick sale - but willing to listen to offers.
I will also throw in 1 year of free hosting on my beefy server (if you want it). If you don't, I can do the initial install for you on whatever server you want for free.
You also get a great .com that I first registered 10 years ago ( - I will be willing to sell the domain separately as well, for the right price.
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