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Pubg Skill avarage level

Submitted by MaciekPro, , Thread ID: 213831

23-07-2021, 08:38 PM
Since Taego came out (and really much before this) the skill level required to play PUBG seems to be getting higher and higher each day. I assume this is mostly because new/average players are giving up and this is further killing the game.

As a level 500 with 1000+hrs and a ADR of 200+ I consider myself an average, at best, PUBG player and I've more and more found myself being unable to keep up with the growing skill level. I'm only able to play a few hours a week now and that's just not enough to keep up.

I'm not writing this to complain, simply an observation. The need for SBMM with PUBG is huge, although I fully recognize at the moment this is impossible to do with the low player base. This just points to another failure of PUBG to adapt and try to get new players into the game. Their immediate solution was bots, and we all know how that's going.

I do not understand how PUBG doesn't see how there are too many queues. It has to be reduced in order to consolidate the player base and then, maybe, you can implement some of these things that would reinvigorate PUBG.

PUBG at the moment is not only not attracting new players, it's going to continue to lose current casual players as it gets extremely frustrating getting demolished by 5000+hr players who play every day, and each time those people leave it perpetuates the problem.

I'll end this by saying I have absolutely zero faith that PUBG will do anything to help fix this. In my eyes they only care about the largest player base and every decision they make will be to benefit them (as a company this makes sense, but is extremely frustrating for everyone else).

Edit: failed to mention I'm speaking in regards to NA

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