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Python Email Spammer [not made for bruteforce attack to get logins] read desc.

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05-07-2021, 01:12 AM
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This tool is made to spam emails and passwords to login forms made by annoying phishers who want to steal your data!
The reason this works most of the time is phishers make the sending of data to them super simple (no authkey, just simply an email and a password sent)
(If you want solve their authkey algorithm and apply it to sending with forums) (If you know python)
and this Tool is based on a Youtuber showing how to do this exact trick.
I have made all the text and the .py file has all of the info you need to use this tool.
But I will Include it here anyways.
Go to the page that the login is located, enter some data but do not submit it.
Open inspect element, and go to the network tab, put in a random username and password and submit it, copy the Request URL from the first file under the name tab in Network, this is usually where you have the data you need. Copy + Paste this into the section identified in the .py file.
Next, go down to Form Data on the same file and copy everything there, and put it in the identified section in the .py file.
And thats it! Now Run that script (preferrably on a VPN) and go on knowing you annoyed some phisher trying to scam you!
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