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Rambling about Stranger Things.

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08-07-2021, 06:42 PM
So this week I finally decided to take the plunge into the Netflix series Stranger Things, and... honestly, I have no why I didn't do it sooner because not only is it a brilliant show but a fantastic entry into the horror genre along with the fact that it doesn't lean into any one aspect at all times, it balances the story meaningful character moments some genuine moments of joy and sadness. To me, it feels like such an incredibly human series -- the character I relate to most is Steve Harrington at first we perceive him to be this jerk-asshole character right? but over time he softens up and becomes one of the noblest characters in the show ( me minus the jerk asshole part lol ) but I relate to him because I feel like someone that has to live up to these great expectations put onto me by other people and I sometimes feel like I'm alone because of that.  He brought me comfort in a character that I honestly haven't seen in quite some time. 

Also, we have GOT to talk about that soundtrack because my god it has some of the most compelling instrumentation I have ever seen from a series using a mainly snyth-based soundtrack, which is entirely fitting given the era that the show is set in! which the the 80s -- it is nothing but absolute bangers this one stands out as my FAVOURITE track in the entire series bar none, the build up.. the tension ah! it makes my hairs stand on end as Eleven is walking through that door returning to the one she loves most Mike. 

Truly truly brilliant, no show has ever gripped me this hard before Stranger Things has mastered the art of bingable television -- it's honestly right up there with Loki and Wandavision for me. 

If you haven't seen this series yet? do so right now given that you have a Netflix subscription, trust me you will not regret it.. it is one hell of a ride ( AND there's a season 4 coming next year so get hype! )

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