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Realistic Handcuffs (Jailer + Bailer)

Submitted by valet3315, , Thread ID: 217054

23-08-2021, 02:38 PM
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]Description[/font]
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]This addon adds handcuffs which can be used to cuff players. Cuffed players can be dragged and put into vehicles or moved out of vehicles. It also features its own jail-system and a surrender system.
  • Inspection menu with the ability to confiscate weapons

  • Surrender System (Define surrender key in config)

  • Jailer NPC

  • Bailer NPC

  • Attatchment system (You can attatch cuffed players to props/surfaces)

  • Drag system (You can drag cuffed players)

  • Custom Arrest system (doesn't require a existing one to work)

  • Supports both jailing and unjailing positions

  • Rewards for arresting

  • Works to lockpick cuffs

  • Cuffed players have their hands behind their back and has cuffs around their hands

  • Strips players from all weapons and gives back when uncuffed

  • Forcing cuffed players into vehicles and out from vehicles

  • Cuffed players has reduced movement speed

  • Dragging players has reduced movement speed

  • Cuffed players can't spawn props, switch job, enter or exit vehicles

  • Includes Star Wars themed handcuffs and menus

  • Supports Donkies Stungun

  • Supports VCMod, Novacars, Simfphys, LFS and SCars

  • Supports bLogs, mLogs, ezJobs and DConfig

  • ItemStore and Bricks Essentials Inventory Support (Confiscate illegal items that are defined in the config)

  • Handcuff SWEP with custom 3D models

  • Translation System, currently supports Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish
[font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif][font="Hind Vadodara", sans-serif]
Extract the folder "realistichandcuffs" and "tbfy_shared_v2" to your addons folder
Spawn and use the "Setup SWEP" from the (Q)Sandboxmenu->Weapons->ToBadForYou->Setup Swep
[b]The Setup SWEP is also used to configure the config (some are still setup with the sh_rhandcuffs_config.lua inside the lua/tbfy_rhandcuffs folder)[/b]

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