SSL Image Proxy 1.0.2

by Aoki - 13-05-2015, 01:12 AM
Jan 2015
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Posted: 13-05-2015, 01:12 AM
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This application makes it easier to run your site as full https and helps solve the problem of user posted http images. Displaying http images on a https page causes mixed content browser warnings and is a common reason why forums can't easily run as full https.

When a user posts a link to an external image the application does the following:

- Checks if the user is posting a http url. If so it checks if there is a https version available (most popular image sharing sites have https support). If a https version is available then the image is simply rewritten to use the https version.

- If there is no https version available then the image is rewritten to point at a local script. This script gets the image in the background and serves it via https thus removing any mixed content warnings.


Your site needs to be running with a https base url with a valid SSL certificate.

Your server must be able to make outbound libcurl requests via php to download images.

Use the sslimageproxy_check.php script in the tools folder to verify requirements before installing.
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