Sell access to the largest cloud Logs-Base-Dump-cc 5 TB

Submitted by Jamiss, , Thread ID: 208320

05-06-2021, 10:42 PM
In this cloud will be published:

- Stealer Logs (REDLINE-Raccoon-KROT-AZOR-Vidar-Smoke-Predator-Masad-RBS)
- Cloud updates every week 2 times
- No download restrictions, everything is in private telegram channel
- Access to the cloud is bought only once, you do not need to pay for a subscription every month.
- In the cloud, the total number of only logs of about 5 million
- All logs-base-dump-cc etc with indication of countries and dates
- In the cloud there are logs of all countries of the world (Only USA 600-750 thousand logs)
- For those who have no checker.I give free 3 checker for (logs-mail-cc) and proxy.                  - Traffic:webmasters,exchanges,ftp,Lending,Facebook,Torrent.
- All logs come with passwords and cookies.
- Small number of people on the channel. Everyone will be able to find their requests.
- All very convenient due to the fact that everything in a telegram. No such that the link does not work. Or someone gives his friends links to the cloud. Everyone who buys I give a private link to the channel closed.

                              What can be found in the logs
Facebook,Google adwords,shops,Banks,Paypall,AirBnB,Admin.Booking,Amazon,Booking,Westernunion,Payonner,Wish,Skrill,Ebay,Pokerstars,Youtube,Payeer,Instagram,Twitter,Banks logs,Steam,Fortnite,Word Of Warcraft,Twitch accounts,PS accounts,League of Legends,PUBG,Battle.net.

- From all services and sites where passwords are saved .

                              Important information before you write me.

- Cloud access price negotiable! But for 100-200 dollars you will not get access.
- Write only who have money at the moment.
- Write one message what you need.

I accept payment only to Bitcoin
Work with Escrow Server
There are reviews of people who bought access
My contacts:Telegram @Wayne_Enterprises_CLOUD

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