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Selling fresh logs USA-EU-MIX World all logs 2021 March and PP account 247k$

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29-03-2021, 05:32 PM
FRESH(NEW) Logs 2021.
USA 56.350 Logs.
GB 73.125 Logs.
Canada 28.200 Logs.
Germany 19.739 Logs.
France 23.670 Logs.
Spain 14.167 Logs.
Italy 16.782 Logs.
Netherlands 55.983 Logs.
Belgium 21.450 Logs.
Austria 25.760 Logs.
Australia 11.835 Logs.
China 69.748 Logs.
Israel 9.395 Logs.
India 44.930 Logs.
Japan 18.880 Logs.
Cyprus 13.892 Logs.
Ireland 7.928 Logs.
Kuwait 3.302 Logs.
United Arab Emirates 17.294 Logs.
Sweden 11.892 Logs.
Switzerland 8909 Logs.
Taiwan 13.828 Logs.
South Korea 26.390 Logs.
Country world mix total 182.842 Logs (ASIA-AFRICA-Arab countries)

Sell account Paypal with a balance 247к-117к-83к-48к$ with full log+cookie.
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The account comes with: full log,cookie work,mail,phone number,Owner's name and surname,Country,city,ip.

                                    Logs information.

-All logs from the stealer REDLINE.
-All logs come with passwords and cookies.Without passwords and cookies are deleted immediately.


                                    What is in the logs?

-Facebook Business,Google adwords,Many different shops,Banks,Paypall,AirBnB,Admin.Booking,Amazon,Booking,Westernunion,Payonner,Wish,Skrill,Ebay,Pokerstars,Youtube,Payeer,Reddit,Instagram,Twitter,game (Steam,Fortnite,Word Of Warcraft,Twitch accounts,PS accounts,League of Legendshttps,PUBG,Battle.net) And much more.

                                Detailed information about logs and price.
-All logs are sold only in one hand
-All logs are personal, I have been working with Logs since the beginning of 2019.
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-Payment only BTC.

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