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by Silence - 15-12-2015, 09:49 PM
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Welp, I really don't have much to do anymore and I like helping people. So I decided I'd make a thread about it here (think I already have one, but it's buried and/or closed by now). If any of you want to vent, get advice, have someone console you, whatever, I'm here. It can be range from something trivial to something that is actually quite traumatic that you need to get off your chest, I'll listen to everything and anything as long as you are serious about it. I am a registered listener on BlahTherapy and 7 Cups of Tea, so I actively attempt to help people as much as possible. Do not bash on what I'm doing, if you don't think it's something that can help at least one person, keep it to yourself. I don't know why but if you have an issue with what I'm doing, don't reply here rather, message me privately telling me as to why you have a problem with it. I've dealt with minor problems as well as problems extremely severe, so don't hesitate to message me.

Why Am I Doing This
I am not doing this because I feel as though I am obligated to help people for reputation or anything else. I am doing this because I myself have been in situations that something along the lines of this would have help immensely. I am doing this only as I am able to, which is why responses will not always be immediate, as well as helping with things I personally feel I am capable of helping you with. I am going to go to college to become a therapist/psychologist/counselor later on in my life, due to the fact that I thoroughly enjoy helping people who are actively seeking help for themselves. I never want to say that I didn't at least try to do something for someone when they needed it most, which is the main reason I am doing this, I'm not being obligated by anything other than my own selfish morals. 

Common Problems
In the few years that I've actively been helping people, I've seen and helped with a lot. A few problems that I've come across constantly are:
  • Academic Issues.
  • Family/Relationship Troubles.
  • Grieving over a loved one's death.
  • Unsure whether they should seek professional help regarding depression/anxiety/etc.
  • Bullying.
What I Will Not Help With
There are not that many things I will not help with, but I have encountered these in the past. Once I heard the reason I was immensely angered and it took a toll on my personal health and caused me to say and/or do things I regretted. These are the only things I will not respond to should you contact me:
  • Blackmailing another person.
  • Trolling behaviour to take up my personal time, with no real problem at hand.
  • Insulting, Degrading, or Harassing someone else who has harmed you.
Ways to Contact Me
Since I'm usually moving or at school, there's a few ways you can contact me. Try at any of the following:
Please remember that I am not a professionally licensed therapist or counselor. I will attempt to do everything in my ability to help you with what you are going through, but please do not have high hopes that I will be able to solve all of your problems for you. If I suggest that you seek professional help, it isn't because I do not want to listen to your problems, it's because I have heard similar cases in past events and have been able to receive feedback that professional help had worked for the majority. Should you be feeling that you are in immediate danger from someone whom is not you, please contact your local law enforcement; should you not feel safe by yourself and are feeling as though you are near the point of which you shall take your life, please contact the suicide hotline for your country, or nearest country, hotlines within the US borders are located at this website, hotlines outside of the US are located at this website. Do not expect an immediate response as this is in my free time, I will attempt to contact you as soon as I am able to, therefore please do not spam what you are messaging me on. I am not asking for compensation with this, nor will I ever ask for it. So if someone with my name, or one of my previous names, messages you with something like this asking for compensation, please alert me of it (yes, I've had people impersonate me in the past to do this, just so they could make an extra buck.)

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