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17-01-2020, 04:11 AM
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A modern HUD and design that redesign your DarkRP
  • Seth HUD
As its name implies, Seth HUD is a HUD that will make your DarkRP more beautiful than ever. It offers you many color gradients as well as many icons that won't give a headache to your players. It also offers you a lot of features to customize your DarkRP to the maximum.
  • Vital informations
The vital informations has been separated from the rest of the HUD to keep you focus on the most important things. They are well indicated by an icon as well as a text to tell you what you're looking at.
  • Additional informations
Additional informations are also at your disposal as well as your last and first name, your money and your weapon license (if you have one). Thoses informations will guarantee your players a pleasant gaming experience on your DarkRP server.
  • Health effects
A blur effect is available with the HUD. The strength of the blur is related to the player's health. If his health is low, his vision will be blurry and therefore he will be handicapped compared to players on full health. This effect has been implemented to increase roleplay's immersion.
  • Vote and notifications
The DarkRP's voting system and the notifications were redesigned to fit the HUD's design.
  • Entity display
The HUD is coming with a system that allows you see the health, armor, job and rank ( Superadmin, Admin or User ) of each player. Each of these elements can of course be disabled.
  • Door display
Property titles, owners and co-owners are visible on all doors to all players to help them.
  • Warning notifications
The HUD is also coming with signs to warn players if they're wanted or not and if a lockdown has been initiated by the Mayor.
  • Postscriptum
The best way to understand each of these features is to look at the screenshots below.
  • Main
  • Name
  • Money ( salary )
  • Health
  • Armor
  • Hunger
  • Job name
  • Secondary
  • Lockdown
  • Wanted
  • Gun license
  • Weapon
  • Gun name
  • Ammunition
  • Secondary ammunition
  • Session time
  • Reskin notification
  • Screen color depend to health
  • Responsive
  • Reskin Vote Menu
  • Doors Display
[Image: 5c681c2cac32ed6dc1f6459f100cce2e.png]
[Image: 8391529987aef1748616ec2e869ecfc4.png]
[Image: 4e1fdf133b83437ff6440112878925bc.png]

  1. Unzip the file and place it into /garrysmod/addons/
  2. Configure the HUD at /lua/seth_hud/shared/customer_config.lua or for advanced configuration at /lua/seth_hud/client/utils.lua
  3. Add the content to your server through workshop or set
    SethHUD.CustomerConfig.FastDLL = true

  4. at /lua/seth_hud/customer_config.lua
  5. When updating to a new version the config might be changed so be sure to keep a copy of your configurations
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