Simple WhatsApp Spam Macro (WhatsApp Web + Excel) AHK

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01-05-2022, 12:52 PM
To use this you'll need:

One browser (opera/chrome/firefox/edge) opened with only one tab with WhatsApp Web logged on and maximized;
>> I only tested on edge and Opera;
One Excel WorkSheet with all the contact names you wanna send your message, spelled EXACTLY as in your Google Contacts list. It only has to have one column with the namesĀ and the next two columns must be free as they'll be used by the macro;

This macro allows you to have other programs opened but I highly recommend opening just the browser and the worksheet, to improve performance.

What It'll do:

Send a pre formatted message to several contacts, without transmission list or any previous conversation, good for first contact campaigns.
Marks the second column of the sheet with "<<" when it stops, so you know where to take off later;
Marks the third column of the sheet with "NO WHATSAPP" for contacts that don't have WhatsApp, so even you you have them saved on your Google Contacts, it won't mess up the macro.

How to set it up:

Just change the parts of the code that goes "your text here" or something like that, also check if the mouse positions are ok, it's configured for 1920x1080 and might have to be adjusted for other screen resolutions, set the number of times you want it to run (number of contacts) - I left it as 50 cause I think it's safer, then open the necessary programs mentioned in the beginning and let it do it's job.

Oh and it verifies if the message has already been sent to a contact before doing it again so there's no duplicates, just past part of your final text (at least 3 words) in the part that says "part of your final text ()".

It's all manual, so you can't use the computer while it runs. No API involved.

Use this macro code on AutoHotKey.

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