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23-03-2020, 08:50 PM
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The ultimate single printer system.

This is a new take on printers, instead of having 7-8 different printers, you now only have 1 base printer but can upgrade the tier within a UI. This way, it reduces the amount of entites on your server while also alowing for a clean and beautiful model/interface.
It is heavily configurable with an optional battery system and an external battery entity. This way you can prevent AFK printing.

Detailed description: 
I tried to keep both a simplistic yet feature rich printer system. For now, it includes a basic printing mechanic that increases the printer hold amount over time. Also includes an upgrading system that allows you to upgrade the tier of the printer. And also has a battery system to allow for preventing of AFK printing. You can, however, remove the battery system and have a simple printer with a few tiers. It is all up to the server owner to decide how they want their printers to be. Tiers can also be restricted with a custom function, this way you can allow tiers to only be used by specific ranks/jobs ect..
  • Only supports DarkRP
  • 1 Entity base design
  • High levels of customization - The config allows almost all elements to be edited, this way the addon is exactly to your liking.
  • Allow players to earn money
  • Blur design
  • Sleek button animation
  • Simple yet easy to understand UI design
  • 3D2D interface
  • interactive 3D2D buttons
  • Usergroup restrictable items
  • Custom models
  • Model animation
  • Heavily configurable battery system
  • Printer health system
  • Secure, prevent users from exploiting the printers
  • Lightweight - This addon was designed to be as small and compact as possible, this means that it does not pull on your server resources.

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