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Tips For People Who Want To Become Video Editor

Submitted by RUSHER255, , Thread ID: 284855

21-01-2024, 02:35 PM
If you're already a proficient video editor and looking to delve into animation, there are several courses and platforms that can help you sharpen your animation skills. Here are some suggestions to enhance your proficiency in animation:

Motion Design Courses:

Explore courses that specifically focus on motion design principles. Websites like School of Motion and Mograph Mentor offer in-depth courses covering animation techniques, principles of motion, and industry-standard software like After Effects.
Character Animation Courses:

If you're interested in character animation, consider courses that specialize in this area. Platforms like Animation Mentor or Rigging Dojo provide detailed courses on character animation and rigging.
Advanced After Effects Training:

Since After Effects is widely used for animation, consider advanced courses that explore its capabilities in-depth. Look for courses on topics like expressions, advanced keyframing, and using scripts to streamline your workflow.
3D Animation Courses:

To expand your skill set, consider delving into 3D animation. Platforms like Blender Cloud or Udemy offer courses on 3D animation using software like Blender, which is a powerful and free 3D creation suite.
Online Animation Communities:

Engage with online animation communities and forums. Websites like Animation Mentor, CGSociety, or Polycount can be valuable resources for networking, getting feedback, and staying updated on industry trends.

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