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Turf Wars
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This is a remake of the famous Mineplex Game: Turf Wars!
It's a game with 3 kits: Marksman, Infiltrator and Shredder.
The two teams have the same amount of lines,Both teams objectives are to eliminate as many enemy players as they possibly can, each kill takes a row from the opposing team and grants it to your team.
, once a team has 0 and the other has all the line, the game is finished!
- Marksman is equipped with a bow and an arrow. he/she regain one arrow every 2 seconds, 1 hit 1 kill.
- Infiltrator has the ability to enter the oponents turf but will get a slow effect if he is not back on his own turf after a few seconds. Is equipped with a Bow with 1 arrow and an Iron Sword, regains an arrow every 8 seconds.
- Shredder can throw a lot of arrows but are weaker and can shot during build time to break enemies' blocks.
This game has a combat and a build time, during combat time, FIGHT but during build time, build some protection on your turf to protect your team during combat time!

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