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25-05-2021, 05:15 AM
Spigot:   ULTRASKYBLOCK CORE   ( 10.89 USD )

Download: Here   ( version: 5.1.17 )

[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][Image: 5c0a7d78aadf32b2f21c6b947b44c7ec4d2d00c7...USCore.png][/font]

[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]UltraSkyBlock Core is a plugin that will allow you to add the following systems to your skyblock, Skills (+225 Levels Pre Configurated) skills per player that are fully editable in attributes and number of levels, Collections (+590 Levels Pre Configurated) each player collects and can improve collections, running a command for each level, Trades, you can create trades to your liking, with a cost and delivery item ArmorSystem, armor system with attributes, defense, life, strength and speed.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]It has a system of mines that regenerate after a while, you can create the ones you want and with as long as you want.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]You have a Fairy Souls system for collection attributos.[/font]

[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]CHECK MY OTHERS PLUGINS[/font]

[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][Image: 3db79728cd1633cbb82b4d141d6ebf5ee6c5526b...eryMan.png]

[Image: d8f5bc31bdef62f57dd635ebebf298ea737821a0...kyWars.png] [Image: 6a5f3a09803d5bfcdc63fc2ca2b17b6c84bd2061...inions.png]
[Image: e56fd9a7e99776a266b31398c214e24f210ff76e...k_Core.png] [Image: 488baf9dee4edb28dfedc50e2a02acae446b03d2...traCTW.png][/font]

[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][Image: e1af780c30b97c109bc86735e218f64d03967cda...pport2.png]

[Image: 9e42b832aa5422d1f03f7355f0431ba3aef4e118...53fb79.png]
[Image: 97f19585b6e0828dbcc4b0902a60abf87c1c55ba...atreon.png]
[Image: cf657b4d98ff749030bad9127f2b85fc2075eb82...atures.png][/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Easy Setup ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You have a menu to configure every thing of the plugin, so the use of commands is not necessary.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Skills ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You can create levels of already defined skill types, and edit rewards and add custom commands. These skills will give you attributes like DoubleLogs, DoubleOres, DoubleCrops, MoreDamage, CritChance and more.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Collections ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You can create Item Collections in defined groups, with the levels you want and the amount you want per level.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Without NBT Collections ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] Added one thing for collections to avoid using NBT and have this interfere with items.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Trades ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You can create Trades with a custom delivery item and a custom price item, in addition to being able to have several trading pages and the possibility to make an unlockable trade by permission.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ ArmorSystem ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You can create custom armors, with the name and lore you want, being able to set the value of each attribute.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Mines System ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You can create mines of the block you want and put a regeneration countdown and set them easily.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Attributes ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You have several attributes that will change the player, I will give you a list below.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ ActionBar ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You have a permanent action bar that will show the life, mana or defense of a player.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ MySQL & SQL Lite ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] MySQL and SQL Lite are supported as data storage machines.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Full Editable ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] All messages, menus and attributes are editable, if you need more editability suggestions are accepted.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Attributes Command  [/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]You have this command to manage skills attributes /skills give/remove/set <attribute> <player> <amount> the attributes types is Health, Defense, Intelligence, Strength, CritDamage, CritChance.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ PerWorld Skills ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You can activate certain skills in certain worlds or globally.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Unlimited Levels ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You can add infinite levels, with specific quantities.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Commands Rewards ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You can add commands for rewards at each level by using COMMAND:"Here's the command".[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ FairySouls ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] Fairy Souls system here you have an example image of how it works.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Pets System ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You have a pet system in the style of a large network you can find more information in the pets section.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Runes System ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You have a runes system in the style of a large network you can find more information in the pets section.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Disable ActionBar ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You can turn off the action bar or use placeholders from other plugins.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Custom Crafts ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You have a custom crafting system, which also gives you a preview of crafting.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Rarities System ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You have an editable rarity system for each minecraft material, and also by aggregate type, example, Craft, Smelt, Brew and PickUp.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ All SkyBlocks Supported ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] All skyblock plugins are supported.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Check Protection ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] The most well-known protection plugins are supported for anti-duplication checks.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif]Spoiler: Protection Addons[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Talismans ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You have 30 types of talismans to which you can configure options, names, lores, and textures.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Custom EnchantingTable ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You have the possibility to activate a custom enchantment table.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Custom CraftingTable ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] You have the possibility to activate a custom crafting table.[/font]
[font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif][b]➥ Weapon System ⊳[/font][/b][font="droid sans", Arial, sans-serif] Now you can create custom weapons in the plugin.[/font]

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