WOL Manager Plugin + Custom Pages 1.1

by Aoki - 25-02-2016, 03:32 PM
Jan 2015
3 Years of Service
Posted: 25-02-2016, 03:32 PM
Developers: Kevin Van Ryckegem
Plugin compatibility: MyBB 1.6* & 1.8*
Plugin description:
Are you sick and tired of seeing ‘viewing unknown page’ on the Who is Online list? WOL Manager gives you the chance of defining what that page is, so you will never see ‘unknown page’ for what is actually a known page! Some MyBB Plugins don’t have what it takes to change the who’s online for their own plugin page, this is ModMyBB’s simple solution to fix this. Inside the package you will also find a tutorial on how to create your own MyBB custom pages! With the help of WOL Manager, adding it to the who’s online page will just be a matter of a few clicks.

Note: this plugin appears in the admin panel, tab ‘tools & maintenance’, sub-menu ‘WOL Manager’.

Plugin template changes:
This plugin does not contain any template changes.

Plugin database changes:
This plugin adds a database table.

Plugin settings:
Add WOL Item.


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