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What are NFTs and How to create them?

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26-08-2021, 03:37 PM
NFT NFT NFT, sounds like an overrated term, right?

Well, you are not new. The entire crypto market is booming with these NFTs. Non-fungible token (NFT) first emerged in the ethereum Blockchain along with the various ethereum token standards.

What is an NFT?

NFTs represent the ownership, authority and authenticity of any digital content/asset. NFTs can be a piece of art, a file, a music album or any digital asset. Crypto entrepreneurs can create non-fungible tokens on any Blockchain that supports non-fungible token standards. It was difficult earlier to protect your art or any digital asset from ownership rights. After inventing the NFT standard, it is much easier to hold the owners and make a sale listing out of it.

How to create a non-fungible token?

It was the Ethereum Blockchain, the very first blockchain to support non-fungible tokens. In general, ethereum Blockchain supports both fungible and non-fungible token standards. For example, you might have heard about the ERC20 token, a popular token standard for fundraising and many other business purposes. Likewise, you can create the ERC721 token standard from Ethereum for your non-fungible token creation requirements. If you know, How to write smart contracts and solidity (a programming language) you can create ERC721 tokens in no time. If you are wondering why I have to create NFTs on Ethereum, then here you go, the ultimate features from Ethereum Blockchain.

Salient features of ERC721 token standard:

High compliance
Unique id
Admin tools
Embedded w3 button with Metamask support
Easy transfers
Roles based permission
Highly secured

Ethereum is not the only Blockchain that has the non-fungible token standard. TRON, an emerging ecosystem with almost 5.26 M active users every day also launched an NFT standard, TRC721. If you are a Tron person you can create TRC721 tokens, an NFT standard on Tron Blockchain also. Tron is also competing with the Ethereum Blockchain to cope with the current trends. If you are willing to create NFT’s on Tron Blockchain, you can ensure your decision with the features of the TRC721 token standard.

Features of TRC721 token standard:

Safe and secure transaction
Swapping tokens
No transfer limitation
High transaction speed
Highly scalable
An in-built PoS consensus mechanism

It is your call, you can create your NFT’s in either Tron or Ethereum Blockchain. Let us move on to the technical part. You need to define the basic token functions and the ownership functions. If you are a tech-savvy person you can create NFTs on any Blockchain, there are many open-source codes available out there. But hiring an expert team from an NFT development company can help you with the best outcomes.

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