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by Nasyr - 30-03-2015, 09:57 PM
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Well it seems that the "YouTube Partnership Program" is pretty much doomed and so I thought I would make a list of networks that are relatively easy to get into if you have a decent channel.

1. Machinima - Okay a lot of you know about Machinima and know that they are very big, and I am guessing a lot of you also know that it is kind of hard to get into. I am here to say it's honestly not that hard. I myself do have a channel that got recruited by Machinima. I would recommend having around a total of 30ish videos and around 1500 views on each video (with vagex that should be no problem) And I have seen a couple of Machinima partners with as low as 700 subs so the standards on Machinima are pretty good, and I have read there contract (Just to clarify) They pay $2 per 1000 ad supported views. Here is there channel link: machinima - YouTube Here is a link to there help desk: Helpdesk and here is a list of there email contacts to contact them about a contract I personally emailed shibby his email it in there and he replied to me in about 24 hours.
Email List:
[email protected] (US/Worldwide)
[email protected] (UK, and other European Countries)
[email protected] (Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Islands)
[email protected] (Spain)
[email protected] (Probably the easiest to get in contact with)

2. Yeousch - Yeousch is relatively small but they are growing very fast with a lot of the other networks on youtube. I have also been recruited with Yeousch it is pretty simple they have requirements (I will list them below) and if you meet them then you will probably get in, unlike any other networks they just say straight out what you need instead of saying "Well it depends on your content etc.
Here are there requirements
Your channel must have at least 1,500 subscribers.
Your channel must have at least 75,000 upload views.
Your channel must NOT have any copyright infringement strikes.
Please only fill out the application if meet the requirements.

Here is a link to there website: Yeousch - Media Entertainment & Community | YouTube, Gaming, Sports & Entertainment
And here is the link the apply for a partnership with them ( I would recommend being active on there website as it will help your chances of being accepted):

3. TGN (The Gaming Network)
- I have personally gotten accepted into TGN but I know a couple of people on this forum have, and I have seen some channels that have as low as 100 subscribers be apart of TGN so I am assuming it is pretty simple to get accepted into them but I am not completely sure.
Here is a link to there website: TGN Social
Here is a link to there youtube channel: TGN - YouTube
Here is a link to apply for a partnership: Partner My YouTube Channel - TGN Social

4. Vultra Network - Vultra was started by the founder of Vexon because he left for no reason that I am aware of (It was probably about money but I don't know), anyways they are pretty new and small, but there requirements are kind of big for such a small network that can't meet them there selves.
1) 1,000+ Daily Views according to SocialBlade.
2) No copyrighted content (must have written permission to use content such as music).
3) Account must be over 1 month old.
4) No Copyright strikes against you.
Here is the link to apply with them:
Here is the link to there Main youtube channel: VultraHub - YouTube

5. Social Blade - Social Blades network I would say is pretty dang easy to get into. If you have a constant flow of about 1500 - 3000 views for 3 days straight you should be able to apply with them, My friend botted his views and was getting about 1 million views a day, and he applied and was accepted. So I am assuming they don't really take the time to look at your channel, and just send you a contract... Which I think is kind of dumb but that is completely there option lol. Anyways if you are just looking for a network to get into pretty fast then you should go with them, even if you use vagex, or maybe just upload some video's then bot them with proxies up to 300 views and do that bout 5 times a day then if should show on your social blade page saying you got a couple of thousand views for the day.

To apply with social blade you have to go to the bottom of your social blade page, and you will see this button:

[Image: 50de8f1aac229621ebcf16e30e80f421.png]

That button will only appear if you have had so many views in "X" amount of days. Then when you apply you will have to fill out a form. If you live in the U.S.A, you will have to give them you SSN if you get accepted. So I would recommend signing the contract saying you live in a different country or something if you don't want to give you SSN. After you filled out the form you should receive an email in a couple of days saying you were accepted or not.

6. Maker Studios - Maker Studios is a pretty simple network just like social blade. If you get a decent amount of views, even if you use bots. You will most likely get accepted. All you have to do is visit their website: Join Our Network | Maker Studios

7. Vaycron - I am currently one of the staff at Vaycron network, and so far I have to say I am loving it. The requirements are 1k views+ a day, and to be honest our CMS guy does not really bother to care if you content is copyright, but just make sure it's not to obviouse or else he will not accept you.
Channel Link:
Application link:

8. Curse Network - Well I have been doing some research and cannot really find that much on them at all, all I have found "Email us you channel at: [email protected] So good luck with them. Here is the link to there main channel: And here is the link to there website:

I don't take full credit for this, a friend originally made it and I updated it before posting here. Removing closed networks and fixing links.
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