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by johnsopao - 26-04-2020, 05:40 PM
Apr 2020
Posted: 26-04-2020, 05:40 PM
I'm an MD by trade. With two years of an Orthopedic surgery residency under my belt. I went to med school in Mexico even though I was born and raised in California because I messed up my SAT timings. Oh well. I didn't finish Ortho because I discovered I didn't like seeing patients (trust me all of this is relevant) so I decided to move back home and figure out the rest of my life. I practiced medicine to make ends meet but I wasn't enjoying it, so I sold my medical practice and moved to San Diego. I discovered a love of databases, programming... and league of legends. I played as much as I could and studied up on the game, even going as far was making my own Mobafire guides (Malphite and Heimerdinger were my mains). This was more than 5 years ago. When Riot announced the LCS I was ecstatic, maybe I could chase my dream? But I was too old, too busy with real life and too in love with medical record systems and afraid of failure to do anything.
I attended both world championships in Los Angeles and had a blast, and decided that I would one day work in League of Legends eSports after experiencing the events. The amount of logistics, operations and personnel that it took to make that even run as smooth as it did simply fascinated me.
Fast forward to 2015. I was approached by a friend at my new job about videogames and he presented his project to me, DVS Gaming. I told him that as soon as I finished my MBA I would help. In December of 2015 I took the reigns as COO and Editor in Chief of DVS Gaming and became a part owner of the company.
We worked hard to get where we are today, and in 2016 we were accepted with open arms by Riot studios and we got to go to the LCS! I got to watch the games with giddy excitement and interview some of my favorite League of Legends players (I'm looking at you Aphromoo. To this day, I feel that he gives the absolute best interviews of any pro). I didn't give up on my dream, and now here I was at Riot's LCS Studios! I couldn't begin to describe the excitement I felt as I walked up to the press room. Or the nervousness I felt when I did my first player interview. But somehow I did it, and I loved every second of it.
I continue to write about the things I love, but especially League of Legends. I'll never stop chasing my dream of working in eSports, specifically with League of Legends. I also know that the more work and effort I put in to our startup, the closer I get. League of Legends has given me so much, that when I produce content I produce it with love.
I hope everyone finds that one thing they love, and get to do it for the rest of their lives.
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Apr 2020
Posted: 26-04-2020, 05:57 PM
Hey there mate,
So glad you found your true purpose.
I'll be honest,I believe you should have considered MD a bit more before joining in.
As a fellow MD, you can't avoid interacting with patients with this expertise.
You could have chosen sticking to reseach and being closed of in a lab.
But hey,no wrong in having a career change.I also love math and I was seriously thinking of picking up engineering at some point before being completely sure.Who knows where i will end up? So far,I am good though.

I started playing League since 2013.It is definately a great game that keeps you interested.I'll be honest,I also thought at some point being a streamer,but that got shot down and I kinda let it go.So are leaving the dream of many people that never make it.Be proud of yourself and cherish your career,you earned it. And all's good that ends good.

Might be biased a bit here,but if I were you, I might give medicine another shot to see how I feel about it,after getting passed the orthopedics and now that i had a decided job.
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