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I read a lot of internet comics, so I am going to make a thread about it.
Why you ask? I got nothing better to do.

I am only going to be sharing with you 2 internet comics that I read.
Both of them contain yaoi content, or gay nigga shit.
I know there are some of you who aren't into that fag crap
so I am letting you know before hand.

I Never Said You Had to be Perfect...

[Image: baby__it_s_cold_outside_by_hootsweet-d6zaktp.jpg]

This comic is drawn by the artist Hootsweets.
Click here to read Page 1

This comic was started in March 2013, when Hootsweets began to have
an interest in the paring Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball. This comic is currently
followed by 20,000+ people on the internet.

This comic takes place in the land of Aaa based of the original characters
from the gender swap episodes of Adventure Time.

The story in my opinion at times can be very cheesy, but still it grabs my attention
because I do enjoy the art, as well as the baseline of adventure time being my
favorite TV show to date. Not to mention I am a big fan of the paring as well as
it being cannon after the voice actor of Marceline stated that in the
main TV show adventure time, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline did date
each other in the story prior to the show being aired on TV.

The TV show's creator stated "They indeed where in a relationship, and we would
love to add it to our TV show, however since the show airs in countrys where it is illegal to
be a homosexual, we cannot do this. Maybe in the future in the Adventure Time books."

With all this being said, the fact that Hootsweets has taken the time from 2013-Present
to work on this comic for her fans, as well as the fans of the paring in general; I recommend this comic.


[Image: Extras_10.jpg]

This comic is drawn by the artist HamletMachine
Click here to read Page 1

This comic is and always will be a favorite of mine, the story is so great
as well as the sexual tension being built up, make it a great erotic comic.

The art is fantastic, being that HamletMachine alone draws it herself
with no team what so ever, and is still able to deliver constant updates.

The comic itself has grown into something huge, where a fanbase
of over 100,000+ people read every single week as well as
it now has it's own Visual Novel, Starfighter: Eclipse.

The story is based around the two characters, Cain and Abel.
The names of the two characters is very interesting and
gives a very unique feel to the comic, it being something completely new.

To tell you how good the story was, my friend William who is a straight male
stated the following "This comic's story is really good setting aside the gay shit."

I recommend this comic to anyone.

I hope you enjoyed this thread, and will take up reading this comics.
Feel free to share any comics you enjoy reading on the internet.

[Image: logo-1a3c8b7a6ad74407a3925c1ede1ae2f5.png]
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