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cracking internet filter

Submitted by ohayoun, , Thread ID: 207864

01-06-2021, 04:35 PM
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Hi! I installed an internet filter on my computer and I would like to try getting around it or deleting it without calling the company or reinstalling windows.

It works by redirecting the internet traffic on the computer  through their proxy  (and then there are different plans to what type of sites with access or a white list or block the internet entirely.)

I tried deleting it but it won't delete (even with powerful delete in various uninstallers) and it will not let me change the permissions (everything is faded on that box) It has something the app calls watchdog that prevents it from being removed.

The program which is called windows filter agent has a .exe file called TPS (techloq proxy service) which I found has 2 files: 1 in windows sys32 and 1 in windows wow64 and I was able to delete that only while in safe mode, but then when you try to go online it says the internet is blocked.

If anyone would like to help I would appreciate it. Thamk You!

I forgot to mention that the app blocked the microsoft windows defender from running the offline scan (the rest works but shows nothing).
It just starts for a half of a second and than shuts off.
And the same thing happens with windows recovery tool.

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