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Posted: 10-09-2018, 05:46 PM
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Global Ban! Simple way to ban globally
Global Ban is a simple banning solution with advanced set of features. It is a very light weight and simply solution to banning players and allowing players to appeal their bans. The appeal system is built in to Steam meaning bans show latest name and profiles, allowing admins to get a better understanding of who the player was. This also means that only the banned player can appeal their ban, your admins can then review the appeal and decide if the player should be unbanned or not.

Help support translating Global Ban
If you know any of the following languages: French, German, Spanish or Russian. Then please support us and help translate the words in each language file.

  • ULX support
  • !cake Anticheat support
  • Serverguard support
  • TTT Karma Ban support
  • Steam Family Shared Ban support
  • In game banning commands
  • In game VGUI to view and edit bans
  • History of all bans
  • Built in to Steam API to show players latest names and profiles
  • Support for multiple servers
  • Support for Emails to your Admins every time a appeal is made
  • Display all your servers in the web panel for your players
  • Allow your staff to accept or decline player appeals
  • Web search to view all bans for a certain player
  • Ability to ban players directly from the Web Application
  • Ability to block users from making appeals if you don't wish for them to be ever appeal their ban
  • Language support for English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Russian

Live version
Dev site: (Might be broken often as this is my development site for all new features)
If you have purchased the script and wish to have it displayed here then please contact me via Support Ticket or Steam and I will add you here. Smile
You must be running the latest version to be put here. As I don't wish to have servers that are running outdated and unprotected code here.

Future features
Future features and Bugs can be found on our Trello board here:
We are always looking for new ideas, either send a support ticket or put them in the comments and we will try to add them in.

Web addon:
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP 5.4 or greater
  • PHP cURL installed
  • PHP bcmath installed
  • Sendmail or SMTP Server (Optional for mail support)
Lua addon:
  1. Install Lua addon first
  2. Upload all lua files to your addons folder
  3. Edit the configs as required
  4. Start up the server
  5. Upload Web Files to your web server
  6. Edit config file
  7. Navigate to www.<your-website>.com/install
  8. Follow instructions and install the app
  9. Once completed delete your install folder from your server
  10. Login and go to admin page
  11. Edit settings to your server

Email Support
You need to ensure that sendmail is installed firstly. If you are using a host it should be installed, if not then contact them to set it up.
You then need to insure that php.ini is correctly pointing to sendmail. If using a host it should be already setup, if not then contact them to configure it.
Once that is done emails should then be sent to all admins that have added their email.

Be aware that some email providers may block your IP. E.g. Hotmail has blocked my servers IP from being able to send any email. Which means no one using, or can receive any emails at all from the web server. If you are using a host you should be able to contact them and they should be able to support you if this happens. If you are not using a host like me then it's near impossible to get your IP unblocked.
If you need any support setting up email system then either search google or contact me and I will try my best to help.

!ban <name> <time> <reason> - Ban a player by name. Set time to 0 for perma ban
!unban <steamid> - Unbans a player
!banid <steamid> <time> <reason> - Ban a player by steamid. Set time to 0 for perma ban
!lookup <steamid> - Shows you how many active/non-active bans they have in chat
!gmenu - Global Bans menu. Admin tab is limited to admins only

Console commands
gban_ban or ulx ban <name> <time> <reason>
gban_unban or ulx unban <steamid>
gban_banid or ulx banid <steamid> <time> <reason
gban_lookup or ulx lookup <steamid>

We provide full support to any problems you may have. If you have any problems feel free to create a support ticket or add us on Steam.
Web addon support: - BearWoolley -
Lua addon support: King David™
We will be providing future development and features as well.
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Sep 2018
Posted: 11-09-2018, 07:10 PM
Finally have been looking for a working version of this for awhile for testing purposes. Much appreciation
Junior Member
Mar 2018
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Posted: 12-10-2018, 08:30 AM
Thanks Mann i hope it works !!!!!!!!!!! Smile
But it should be right?
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