my story on csgo

by johnsopao - 26-04-2020, 05:38 PM
Apr 2020
Posted: 26-04-2020, 05:38 PM
One day, me and my friend were just heffing fan on our alts. (My real rank at the time was LEM, his was Supreme) We won a lot of games by basically just messing about. The games were around DMG and double AK rank. So one game, mirage came on, and we had this premade of 3 guys + me and my friend on our team. At the very first round one of the 3 made it very clear that he was hacking and he was here to boost the two other guys. He didn't deny it, but he kept spamming shit like (EZ XDDDD, fking noobs XDDDD MAD and other stupid shit like that.) So the next 4 rounds were just enemies crying "please kick him omg this is not fair i will derank" etc, and the cheating guy basically instakilling them. I tried to kick the guy, at which point we realized that the two others were his "boostees" and that we couldn't kick him.
So, I literally went "Don't worry guys, I will fix this" I then proceeded to get the hacker banned for doing too much teamdamage with my friend. Basically, we just ran infront of his negev, awp, ak, m4 or blocked him in corners to make him teamkill us. We succeeded, and the two other randoms quit. We did this to get rid of a hacker and two eloboosting scum. After the message "___ has received a 7day cooldown" came on, I said "You're welcome Smile" The enemies cheered victory by spamming chat with "bye fucker/axaxaxa/jävla cheater/ruskiturbo/kurwa" and so on.
Now, I, or we, didn't expect any gratitude or thanks or love letters, but I surely didn't expect what happened next. We were still in our "messing around mode" with the two of us left against all 5 enemies. So we just played like nothing happened, doing not so smart gameplay, killing a few enemies everyround, winning a few, and this was only possible since we were skilled so much higher than the enemies. So after our buy only negev 2v5 rush mid every round things wasn't anymore in our budget, we had to eco, but we didn't because that would be boring. So we kept buying stupid shit like deagles only and rushing mid some more. We didn't win those rounds but it was fun to atleast kill 3 or 4 of them when all we had was deagles and no armour.
But the enemy didn't see it this way, you could tell from the way they played that they started tryharding like this was their Dreamhack finals crowning them the ultimate champions forever, and they started flaming us for losing to them "so easily". They put more effort in writing their flame than they probably ever did on their english tests. So the chat started flowing with "so ez XDDDDD noobs XDDD" and etc. (see the irony?). I stated to them, "Umm, you do realize that this is a 2v5, right? and that we haven't bought anything but deagles for the last 500 rounds, right?
They replied with the typical flame language cancer shit that they had been taught to speak. " so mad XDDDDDDD go cry kids XDDD lelele stupid fucking 9gag memes" etc.
At this point the second half begun, we were on T side, they were ct, and I said to my friend "You know what? Fuck this, we went all exorcist on the hacker for these guys, and this is their way of saying thanks? What ever happened to good sportsmanship? I say we fuck their shit up and stomp them for all the remaining rounds" "Sure, but how?" My friend asked, to which I replied "That's easy, the only way it can be." (inside joke about p90's and noobstomping here) We then proceeded to buy p90's and rush B every round, sometimes with the other staying in B house with "a more reliable weapon" while the other mows down with the p90. We ended the game with a 15-15 tie. Took our skin drops, and left. Not one of them said a single word during the second half.
During this game we struck down the oppressor, only to have the opressed stab us in the back in return. We got up from the ground which we had been left to die on, not for honor, not for freedom, but for revenge.
All over-dramatizing speeches aside, what caused the enemy players to act like the colossal assholes they were? We basically were giving them a free win and not only did we get rid of a hacker that would have meant certain loss for them, and they started flaming us for being easy enemies? What is wrong with you? Hasn't any of these kids got any decency? Asking my self these questions after this game caused me to be very annoyed and have 0 tolerance for douchebaggery ever since
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