sotry thread (SPOILERS AHEAD)

by johnsopao - 26-04-2020, 05:41 PM
Apr 2020
Posted: 26-04-2020, 05:41 PM
I just wanted to make a thread dedicated to the story so everyone who's played through the story could share their thoughts and so I could share mine!
Now I know CoD is a multiplayer game first and foremost, but I enjoy stories a lot and I'd rather play single player/PvE content far more than PvP. I think I'm probably one of the few people who bought this game (first CoD I've bought opening day since MW2) just to play the single player.
And honestly I think it's the best story since MW1. I appreciated that they went for a more grounded and realistic approach rather than for bombastic setpieces. The production value and the cutscenes are fantastic, the writing is great, and the voice actors all do an excellent job. I loved that they're dropping names from the first games such Griggs, Nikolai, and Kamarov, and I loved the ending alluding to Shepard and TF 141. I hope they don't try and copy MW2's story for the next title though, I feel like it'd be way too predictable if Shep kills Ghost and massacres TF 141 again. I'd rather see them do something new, but at the very least I hope they open up the levels for large scale action.
I did have a few nitpicky issues. I'm not sure I understood why in one level we're attacking the hospital alongside dozens of Marines, Strykers, Bradleys, and gunships, but then in the very next level, the embassy gets quickly overrun and the scant few Marine guards are redshirted hard. What happened to everyone else? Why didn't they take him to somewhere a bit more secure and heavily guarded? They clearly must have a major base nearby to get all that armor and air support, why not go there? It just seemed like a shitty setup just to have a 13 Hours level (which was super fun anyways).
Also, my eyes rolled out of their sockets when the detonator broke and Alex sacrificed himself to detonate them manually. It's an annoying trope, imo.
But beyond those two minor issues, I had a lot of fun. The highlights for me were clearing out the townhouse room by room and sneaking around Barkov's estate.
So what about you guys? What did you think? What did you like, what did you not like?
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