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by Takashi Kimoto - 14-01-2021, 04:45 AM
Dec 2020
Posted: 14-01-2021, 04:45 AM
As reported by DSOGaming, a ransomware group called 'Egregor' has seemingly obtained the source code for Watch Dogs Legions after accessing Ubisoft's internal network. The source code for the title apparently clocks in at around 560GB, and has reportedly been made available for download on private trackers.

Size: 560GB
* Make sure you have enough space  *
the password:

All Files (special thanks to column):

In tools folder you can find following tools:
Folder Name: Animation (inside you have a program called Dissect)
Folder Name: AnimationMarkupTool (inside you have AnimationMarkupTool I think it’s an Adobe prduct since it has Adobe style logo with letters At) 3.Folder Name: ArchiveDiffer (inside you have the ArchiveDiffer_r64 application file)
Folder Name: AtlasPlugins (inside you have the application and DLL files with some .xml files)
Folder Name: AudioTool (inside you have an application file)
Folder Name: DemographicPaint (folder with empty subfolders)
Folder Name: Excellmporter (inside you have an application file)
Folder Name: FaceAnimExporter (inside you have a Configuration settings file)
Folder Name: FileRenamer (inside you have an application file)
Folder Name: FSMExport (application file)
Folder Name: GDI (setup file in a Batch script)
Folder Name: GearStudio (README file)
Folder Name: GetSoundFromOasis.vs2015 (application named GetSoundFromOasis.WinForms)
Folder Name: Havok (inside you have a StandaloneFilterManager)
Folder Name: Launcher (inside you have powershell scripts)
Folder Name: lua (inside you have two files one is compile_lua (Windows Batch File) and luac (application file))
Folder Name: MapExplorer (inside you have an application file and 2 DLL files)
Folder Name: MaterialEditorStandalone ( application, DLL files and XML files)
Folder Name: Max (inside you have a folder named HFDeployer with the application and DLL files)
Folder Name: Memory ( application called MemoryHUD it opens up aMemDumpConfig program and the following fields you can enter are PS4 elf file Location, SymStoreCache Path, Base Code Path)
Folder Name: MetadataService (config files, DLL files and application file)
Folder Name: MetrixService ( application named MetrixNFOParser)
Folder Named: Mosaic (application file and 2 DLL files)
Folder Name: MSTools (SandBar.dll file)
Folder Name: OasisExporter (application)
Folder Name: Octopus (inside you have 2 XML files named lightprobes_template and shaders_template)
Folder Name: Painkiller (application file, CONFIG file and MD file)
Folder Name: PakViewer (application file)
Folder Name: PerformanceAnalyser (application file)
Folder Name: PluginDebugEventLogger (application and bunch of DLL files)
Folder Name: PS4BacktraceDecrypter (application file)
Folder Name: rtpal (inside you have three application files DevPal, DevPatcher and RTPalConsole and DLL files)
Folder Name: Rulesmith (RulesmithEditor application)
Folder Name: StreamingPNG (it has an application and an jpg file named Worlds it shows a black and white pictures of two maps)
Folder Name: StringIDTool (application inside)
Folder Name: TaskAutomation ( two folders inside bin and scripts)
Folder Name: TileMapGeneration (TileMapGenerationTool application)
Folder Name: VEdit (application inside)
Folder Name: VideoCompiler (application inside)
Folder Name: VideoEncoder (ffmpeg and ffprobe application)
Folder Name: WatchBox (WatchBoxEditor application and it has some scenes from Watch Dogs 2 inside)
Folder Name: Wolfskin (WolfskinStandalone application)
Folder Name: WwiseAuthoring (inside you have a buch of folders and an application called Wwise Wave Viewer)
Folder Name: WwiseBinarizer (application inside)
Other than that you have 7 more Batch files one DLL file and one application named ppu-lv2-addr2line.

In bin file you have an application called BlackBox. You can find log files in the bin folder from (2019-12-02_10h54m36s to 2020-04-10_14h49m05s) the log files are separated by folders and the logs are in a text document.

After you unpack the 560 GB file the size is about 1TB.

After the unpack you get these folders:
After the unpacking you get this text document
After unpacking you get this File

Momento mori~
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