worst mm ever

by johnsopao - 26-04-2020, 05:43 PM
Apr 2020
Posted: 26-04-2020, 05:43 PM
My worst game happened relatively recently.
Matchmaking being what it was, it decided to match a couple of Novas and a Silver with AKs and above, naturally. I was Silver IV at the time I think, maybe Silver Elite, with my friend being Nova II or Nova III. The rest of our team were Russian, who refused to speak a word of English or co-operate at all, and continually spammed on both microphone and chat. So, immediately, there's no semblance of teamwork. Meanwhile, the enemy team is a Swedish clan full of the most insufferable people I think I've ever had the misfortune of playing against.
The map was Agency, with our team playing Terrorist first. Now, I generally find it to be quite a CT-heavy map, but almost every time I've played the map, I've found it easy to do well as T. Not today. We lost probably 13-2, and after almost every single round, the guys on the other team trash-talked the hell out of us, constantly calling us shit, spamming "NOOBS NOOBS NOOBS" and "L2P" in chat, just being terrible humans. Winning so well is one thing, but doing it like that is quite another. Now, at this point, I was inclined to believe that they were hacking. AKs are good, but seldom this good; they knew all the camp spots, knew exactly where to aim and when to shoot all the time, every time (standard wallhack/trigger bot stuff).
The teams swapped, and apparently so did our attitude. We went on to win I think 11 rounds in a row as well after that. So, the score was 13-13 - it was a very close game and the Swedes had gone completely silent in chat since their first defeat. Not a single word. They quickly scooped up another victory, but so did we. So the score was 14-14.
All of a sudden, the chat erupts in furious spamming and rage, telling us that they'd turned all their hacks off and were letting us win to fuck with us. They absolutely steamrolled us in the final rounds - they knew our every position, at all times. Pre-empted everything, no matter how erratic. Rushed our exact positions as a big team. Then, they spammed even more, became even more aggressive and unnecessarily abusive, and left a very foul taste in my mouth.
Matchmaking let me down, big time.
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