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Motion Symphony Plugin v1.05 / 4.26

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27-06-2021, 07:51 PM
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[Image: MotionSymphony_featured-894x488-c88bbc9f...05a19e.png]

Note: This is not a 'plug and play' asset or character framework

Note: Motion Matching has animation requirements to work properly

Motion Symphony is a suite of cutting edge animation tools that enable high fidelity character animation while also simplifying your animation graph. The flagship technology of 'Motion Symphony' is motion matching but it also contains several pose matching nodes that can either supplement motion matching or be used independently as needed. Please see the following links for more details:

Locomotion Demonstration
Tutorial Playlist
Motion matching is the cutting edge in real-time interactive animation for game development and there have been many high profile AAA games shipped over the last 4 years utilizing this same kind of technology. Motion Symphony brings motion matching to the masses in Unreal Engine 4 with quality tools and, a modular workflow and well optimized code. For more details see 'Understanding Motion Matching' in the documentation.

Note: Motion matching has animation requirements. Please read the F.A.Q, documentation and animation authoring guide to get a better understanding of the plugin and what is required to make it work.

Note: Motion Symphony is not an all encompassing character system or movement system. It is a set of tools for animation synthesis which can be used in your animation graph any way that works for your project.

Technical Details

Motion Matching
High fidelity character locomotion in a single node
Support for cut clips
Optimized pose search
Trait / tag system
Pose Matching
Multi-Pose Matching
Transition Matching
Motion Snapshot - seamless matching between states

Experimental Features:

Distance Matching
Distance matching support for motion matching node

Note: Please see the documentation for a full feature set.

Communication / Support:

Issue Tracker

Code Modules:

MotionSymphony - Editor Module
MotionSymphonyEditor - Editor Module

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: ~125

Network Replicated: See F.A.Q for details

Supported Development Platforms: Win32, Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win32, Win64

Documentation: Motion Symphony Documentation

Example Project: Download Example Project Here

Important/Additional Notes: No animations or assets included with the plugin. Please download the example project for access to sample animations.

Press here to download : Motion Symphony Plugin V1.05 UE4.26


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